Getting in Touch with the Spirit World

John Holland, author of 'The Spirit Whisperer: Chronicles of a Medium,' answers questions to offer clarity and comfort to those who are wondering about his work as a psychic medium.

John Holland

John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium and spiritual teacher who has been lecturing, teaching, demonstrating and reading for private clients for over 17 years. He is the best-selling author of three books, and he hosts his own weekly show on Hay House Radio and has starred in the A&E special, Mediums, We See Dead People. He has also been featured on The History Channel special Psychic History, and his story was originally profiled on the CBS show Unsolved Mysteries.

Excerpt from The Spirit Whisperer:

It’s often a sea of hands waving in the air that greets me when I open the floor for questions during any of my lectures and demonstrations. It’s hard, when I’m staring out into the darkness, to figure out who’s going to have that all-important burning question. Over the years, I’ve found it immensely rewarding to spend time answering as many questions as possible during these events. It’s my way of giving back, of connecting on a one-to-one basis for a few minutes — my way of offering comfort and clarity ...

Pretty much all my answers come from my own life experiences, as well as my own study and research. Therefore, as always, I just want to stress that answers I provide are my own personal opinions and beliefs. 
Q: Where is the Spirit World?
A: A simple question, yet with such an important answer! Well, my belief is that it isn’t above us or below us — it’s actually all around us. I was taught to believe that everything is made up of energy and vibrations. The vibrations of this physical world where we exist in human form are slow and dense, whereas the Spirit World vibrates at a much higher rate. That’s why it’s invisible to the human eye. It’s because it’s vibrating at such a high frequency that we’re unable to see it. Just like a dog whistle, we can’t hear it due to the high pitch, yet a dog can. There’s a thin layer between this world and the next (which I refer to either as “the Other-Side” or “the Spirit World”), and the only thing that separates us is the frequency of the vibrations. 
Are there different levels in the Spirit World?
Most definitely. Every lesson and deed here determines what level you’ll go to when you leave this physical world. You’re incarnated into a physical body to assist you in your soul’s growth, which is why it’s so important to try to be the best you can be while you’re here. You should continually strive to be compassionate and kind, and give assistance and love to others. This will always increase your rate of vibration. When it’s your time to pass, your spirit will gravitate to its rightful level.
Can anyone become a medium?
One of my favorite sayings that I learned in English is: “Mediums are born — not made.” I really want to add that I firmly believe that everyone is born with a degree of psychic ability, and each and every one of us has the capability to improve and develop our awareness (psychically, intuitively, or on a deeper level of mediumship). We all have the ability to connect with our loved ones who have passed on the power of thought and our dreams …
So, to answer the question, no, I don’t believe that anyone can become a medium. Rest assured, if you do have the gift of mediumship, it’s likely to present itself in its own way and in its own time … If you find out that you do have the gift and want to eventually practice as a working medium, it will take dedication, patience, and time, as it can be a physically demanding job. Mediumship has to develop and grow; you’ll find that most mediums spend their entire lives developing their abilities. One final point: You must also be ready to live a life of service
When it’s my turn to cross over, will it matter what religion or faith I practiced? 
Most religions have some belief in the afterlife, some more than others. I do believe that it helps to follow some kind of faith, and through various teachings and a deeper understanding, that can assist us when it’s our time to cross over. I often use the analogy of the spokes of a wheel, in that each spoke represents a different religion or faith, and although each is independent of the other, ultimately they’re all moving in the same direction.
We’re all born with the spark from the Divine (our spirit), so when our spirit crosses over, that spark will leave the “jacket” it’s encased in and move back into the Spirit World where we all originated from. We all survive death no matter what (if any) religion we choose to believe in.
Do people change when they cross over?
Each time I link with spirits, they usually appear to be exactly the same as when they were here. People seem to think that those who pass somehow turn into these exalted beings, yet they have the same personality and quirks on the Other-Side as they did before. They’re still upbeat, humorous, strict, or relaxed over there. However, I do believe that spirits progress over time, raise themselves to a higher level, and evolve. Often they will impress me with their personalities or how they acted here so that the person receiving the message can understand who it is. It’s a form of validation, which is a necessary part of the communication process. If someone was negative here, it’s likely that they’ll imprint that characteristic on me during the link, once again just to validate who they are. Have no fear. As souls, we all progress as we realize our faults, as well as whom we’ve hurt here, while we deal with all the decisions made in this lifetime. It’s almost as if we have a higher view of things when we cross over and can see why certain things transpired.
Why do spirits come back?
It’s simple — because they can! People on the Other-Side want to share our lives with us. Over the years I’ve been practicing as a medium, I must have done thousands of sittings where spirits have come through to acknowledge that they were around their loved ones during difficult times, and by doing so, they were able to lend their support and strength. Of course, they don’t just visit when the going gets tough. By the same token, I often receive evidence that spirits were there to see their children get married, or witness the birth of a baby or a daughter’s graduation. Holidays and special occasions are also big for them — they want to see us happy and like to take part in that joy. After all, if they were here physically, it goes without saying that they’d be present at these important events. Being in spirit doesn’t change the fact that they’re still our family and still care about us.

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