Get Your Green On

Ready to take on a fall challenge? See how fellow environmentalists are pushing themselves to live greener this season—then join in the eco-fun!

The Great American Apparel Diet

Reduce credit card debt while rediscovering the closet you already own! Many women have signed up NOT to shop for clothes for a whole year—though accessories and shoes are allowed, as are homemade and used clothes, if you’re willing to tweak the rules a bit. Stay fashionable without feeding consumer culture.

Canning Across America

Expecting an overly bountiful backyard harvest this season? Waste not and want not by canning and jamming what you can’t eat right now. Canning Across America, “a nationwide, ad hoc collective of cooks, gardeners and food lovers committed to the revival of the lost art of 'putting up' food,” kicked off just last month—and the site will give you the how-to info and encouragement for preserving what you have now to enjoy later.

No Impact Project

Not ready for a year-long challenge? The No Impact Project invites all to try out a “one-week carbon cleanse,” then observe which eco-changes they want to keep. The challenge launches in the fall, so sign up now.

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