Get Moving Today... Not Tomorrow

I'll start tomorrow.

How many times have we said that before?

Whether it be a diet, exercise plan, getting organized... we like to procrastinate on the tough stuff.

And that's fair. I mean, who wants to rise early in the morning, leaving the comfort of our comfy beds, to go for a run?

Why would we want to shun double chocolate chip cookies in favor of broccoli?

Organize shmorganize. Who needs order?

These things are hard. And they are even harder because very often choosing them means we have to change the way in which we live our everyday lives.

But here's the thing I have learned to tell myself: In a really weird way, they actually make our lives easier.

Yep, mmm, hmmm, I swear.

Did I want to go for a run the other morning after a mere four hours of sleep? No, siree. But I did. Do I always? No. But that morning I did. And as I was running I thought about this concept; this one that involves me thrusting myself out of the bed just so I can pound a bit of pavement.

When I woke up to my alarm, I thought "Tomorrow, tomorrow... I'll start tomorrow." But as I rolled over and nestled my head into my oh-so-soft pillow my second thought was, "But will I really? Will tomorrow be any different?"

And I realized that no, tomorrow won't be any different. Tomorrow I will still want to curl up in a ball and close my tired eyes. Tomorrow my bed will feel just as good.

Of course, it is necessary that we cut ourselves a break every now and then. But the best way to get moving, to feel like we are making process is to, well, get moving.

And start today.


Caroline Shannon has been a journalist for six years, working for several publications, including Ideal Bite, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, First30Days, Maniac magazine and The Glass Hammer. She is a certified Pilates instructor and takes a long, hard run just as seriously as she does several Hint ‘O Mint Newman-O’s. She can be reached at

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