Get Up and Learn an Art: Rodney Yee's Message of Inspiration for December

Let each morning call you from you bed towards everlasting happiness

Fall is running down the window in sheets of rain. I am sitting in Gaiam's New York office ready to open new communication lines to those of you interested in dialog on the subject of yoga.

As the temperature drops toward winter, my body is reminding me that this is the season to turn inward. Though we have such a strong tradition of family festivities during this season, winter also lends itself so completely to yogic practices. 

Getting out from under those warm covers and onto the yoga mat and meditation cushion can be a formidable task on cold dark mornings. There are so many mornings that Colleen and I have convinced ourselves that pranayama practice and meditation was better done under our comforter than in front or our meditation alter. The snooze button gets warn down like a lucky charm.

But louder than the call of survival is the call of liberation, integration, and everlasting happiness.  And even though these goals seem infinitely far away, to the point of creating horrendous apathy and lethargy, they are actually the closest destination of your heart and soul. 

Learn the art of posture to refamiliarize yourself with the language of your body so that your mind is tethered to the beauty of the world.

Learn the art of relaxation so that you can soak in the sunshine of being. 

Learn the art of meditation so that you can let go of the illusion of separation. 

Learn the art of breath so that your mind and body will be steady and poised in perfect balance. 

Learn yoga.

Being nature's creatures, we follow the seasons. In this case, let winter take us into our core. Let our energy and focus return to our roots and connect us more deeply and consciously to Mother Earth. 

Happy Holidays through Yoga,

Rodney Yee




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