Gaiam Customer Weight Loss Success Stories

The living proof that Gaiam programs can help you sculpt a leaner, healthier, more-active body is in the stories of the people who have used them. Besides helping you lose weight, our programs address your needs on a deeper level by helping you improve your self-esteem, feel focused and gain more energy.

Jennifer lost 65 lbs. in 7 months with Gaiam Pilates & Balance Ball workouts

She went from a size 12 to a size 2, and from 187 lbs. to 122 lbs.

"What I liked most about Gaiam's Pilates programs was the speed at which I began to notice a difference! Ana Caban has a very motivating style and is a big reason I enjoy Pilates so much. I am amazed at how this program has changed and improved my physical and mental well-being ... And, I have FANTASTIC ABS! At a Halloween party this year, I had women coming up to me asking me how I got those abs!"

"Gaiam’s instructors and products have been integral in gaining back my self-confidence! My new relationship with food and my attitude toward working out have given me a new life! I still see improvement in my physique (getting smaller and leaner). My continued success has led to a much healthier relationship with food. And because I love how I look now, I want to continue the workouts. I LOVE feeling and looking beautiful again!"—Jennifer Thomas

Kathleen lost 4 dress sizes with Gaiam yoga

She slimmed down from size 22 to 14 and has kept it off for more than 4 years.

"With increasingly burdensome professional demands, I had neglected my body for years. I had tried many forms of exercise and diets ... I was so ashamed of my body, I wouldn't even let the nurse put me on the scale. My cholesterol was very high and I was having heart problems."

"When I tried Gaiam's Yoga for Beginners, it was the willingness to take people as they are that kept me unrolling the mat. I changed from the inside, and my body reflected it. I am back in my body again." — Kathleen Dixon

Linda lost 2 dress sizes with Gaiam Balance Ball, Pilates & yoga

She dropped 20 lbs. and went from a size 14 to a size 10.

"I liked the sense of empowerment I felt after exercising with Gaiam programs. I felt in control of my body and my response to life. Gaiam includes the total lifestyle — how to feel better, look better and be better by taking control and not taking some miracle drug. I am a more enjoyable person to the people around me. The weight loss was an added bonus!"—Linda Osburn

Kerrie lost 40 lbs. and 4 sizes with Gaiam Pilates 

She went from 220 lbs. to 180 lbs., and from size 18 to size 14.

"Gaiam's instructors are awesome; they reinforce self esteem. The ultimate message in each program was persistence and a change in lifestyle — not just dieting or just exercising. Pilates totally reshapes and sculpts your body in ways no other excercise has done for me. My self esteem has gone up considerably and my stress levels have dropped."—Kerrie Collings

Vanessa lost 17 lbs. with Gaiam yoga

She also lost 19 total inches and 6.62 BMI points!

"I was sort of hiding in my post baby weight. I didn’t want to feel like I was wearing maternity clothes. When I couldn’t find clothes to fit me, I decided I’d had enough. I wanted to like what I saw in the mirror."

"In 8 weeks with Yoga Now, I accomplished what years of going to gyms could not do for me. I went from wearing a size 12 to a size 6. I never really thought yoga could really give you results. And now when my friends see me, and they’re so shocked at the weight I’ve lost and the inches I’ve lost, they say, 'How did you do it?' I tell them yoga, and they’re shocked.”—Vanessa Nalle

Megan lost 15 lbs. and 2 jeans sizes in 6 weeks with Gaiam's Budokon Weight Loss System

She made a lasting change and gained confidence.

"I don't feel like I've 'been on a diet' or done anything drastic to lose weight. I've permanently changed my eating and lifestyle, and along the way I've lost weight, gained flexibility, and gotten stronger. Cameron Shayne is so fit and strong, yet the workouts are completely do-able for beginners. He's got a very warm and encouraging style."

"What I liked was the lack of a 'you can lose XXX lbs. in 6 weeks' kind of spin on the program. It is all about being healthier, stronger, more centered, etc. and making changes that are sustainable. I needed to lose weight to improve my health, but I also gained a new approach to eating and exercise."—Megan Torrance

Cherish lost 6 total inches and 5.38 BMI points with Gaiam's yoga

She was able to change her body and mind.

"It’s not just physical — it’s also an emotional makeover. People tell me I look better or I’m carrying myself better because I feel confident. That’s because Yoga Now also focuses on your inner, not just your outer."

"It’s more than just weight now, it’s a mental and emotional thing. And I think that’s a better payoff. Because you can’t buy that in stores anywhere, you can’t go to a plastic surgeon and get that done. It’s something you have to work within yourself."—Cherish Ryans

Wendy lost 20 lbs. with Gaiam yoga

She shrunk down from 135 lbs. to 115 lbs. and from size 8 to size 6.

"Gaiam Power Yoga really makes you sweat! It gets my heart rate up and builds muscle — which burns calories faster. I like to work out in several ways, I really like the combination of mind and body fitness. It makes it easier to commit to a regular practice, and gives a real sense of fulfillment. I find I am more mindful of my interactions with others — an unexpected result for a fitness/weight-loss program."—Wendy Lochner

Chonte lost 5 total inches and 3.21 BMI points with Gaiam yoga

She got quick results and people noticed.

"I got results about a week and a half in. I liked the results. I like the way it lengthened my muscles. I can do a 10-minute tape or a 30-minute tape, so I can tailor it to whatever I need."

"It is the perfect way to start and end your day. All my coworkers have noticed a difference. You would not believe the change it has made in my life, and it’s low maintenance.” —Chonte Harris

Michelle lost 40 lbs. and 5 dress sizes with Gaiam Pilates,yoga & meditation

She went from 215 lbs. to 175 lbs. and from size 16 to size 11.

"Gaiam continued to offer a wide variety, and then advanced programs, so I'm motivated to continue working toward my goal. Rodney Yee really adds the mind/body connection so I think about what I eat when I'm not doing yoga. I now think of extra lbs. as an emotional problem, and I see food as something I need for nourshment, not comfort."—Michelle Ruse

Natasha lost 75 lbs. with Gaiam yoga & meditation

She slimmed down from 189 lbs. to 114 lbs. and size 20 to size 4.

"After surgery I had gained nearly 90 lbs. I tried many diet/exercise programs, and even went to a nutritionist and used a personal trainer, but I couldn‘t lose a single pound. With my restricted movement there seemed to be nothing I could do. A friend suggested Gaiam yoga programs. I had tried a yoga video from a different company once and hated it, but Gaiam's Yoga for Weight Loss was the key to the puzzle!"—Natasha Bureau


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