Fresh Food Finds

Do you buy your farmers' market produce in season and organic cereal in bulk to save money — only to throw away food that's gone bad or expired? Find out how you can get more out of your eco penny-pinching ways:

Don’t let your local, organic produce go to waste! Get your money’s worth by following these 10 tips on keeping farmers’ market produce fresh from the University of Nebraska. 

One innovative group has proven you can make good food — and a good living — by cleaning things up!  ZERI Foundation’s coffee-pulp-to-mushrooms project uses a waste product — coffee pulp that’s a pollutant at worst and low-quality fertilizer at best — to grow mushrooms, giving coffee growers protein-rich food, an additional source of income, and livestock feed. The project won Specialty Coffee Association of the Americas’ 2009 Sustainability Award.

For more tips on wasting less and getting more out of your food, follow Wasted Food, a blog by Jonathan Bloom, who’s writing a book on wasted food in America. A recent post examines whether or not you should intentionally buy milk that’s closer to its expiration date, to prevent it from actually expiring on the shelves and becoming food waste. Interesting dilemma!


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