Flirting Body Language Cues

4 things to look and listen for in people you're attracted to

Flirting can be a lot of fun. It always helps to know when the other person is really sending out flirting cues rather than just having a friendly conversation. Some of those cues are non-verbal: it's what he or she is doing while talking. Sometimes, flirtation means nothing. And sometimes it indicates genuine interest.

Certainly, flirting body language signs are different for men and women. But there are several kinds of flirting signals to pay attention to, including eye contact, touch and vocal cues. Vocal cues include both the words used and how they are said.

Watch their eyes and expression

If the other person is making eye contact and smiling when talking with you, and perhaps you catch them looking at you with that same expression when you are not talking, they might have an interest. Women may bat their eyes; women or men may wink. Frequent smiles are a good sign.

A subtle touch

A small touch that seems like an accident may not be. Small gestures, such as touching your hand while talking, are frequently flirting body language. The other person may also lightly touch a shoulder or arm while talking. Notice whether they do this with other people. If not, that may be a message to you. Notice how close they stand to you when talking. If they stand close to you, within 18 inches, they may be communicating that they'd like to get to know you on a more personal level.

Cues in their voice

The other person may be giving you a sign with a little extra laughter in a conversation, perhaps a playful tone. They may also give bigger clues like not having any plans for the weekend. The potential flirt may talk about wanting to go to a particular event, but they don’t have anyone to go with. That is about as big a hint as you can get.

Take the individual into account and test your theory

The other person’s level of confidence and their social style make a big difference in how overt their non-verbal body language is and how strong their flirtatious signals are. You can test your theory without putting all of your cards on the table. Give the other person a compliment and see how they respond. If he or she mentions not having any plans for a weekend, mention that you do not have plans either: see how they respond to that. If they put a hand on your arm, pat their hand while it is on your arm and smile. Seeing how they react to you will tell you your next step.

When flirting yourself, be sensitive to the reaction of others. Always send body language signs that make the other person comfortable. You are making an offer, but keep the offer light and casual.

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