Finding Inner Peace

4 steps to finding calm, compassion and positivity in yourself

Is finding inner peace even possible in a world full of distress? The Dalai Lama and spiritualists everywhere say it is, but when you’re juggling family, work and personal problems — as well as witnessing natural disasters and wars in the world around you — finding inner peace can be difficult. But while it may be difficult to find inner peace, it can be done if you focus, set it as a goal and follow a few steps.

Step 1: Meditate

According to Discovery Health, meditation allows us to turn our backs on the busy chaos of our lives and focus on ourselves and our minds. In addition, the organization notes that meditation can have a large impact on your health and inner peace. In fact, spiritual meditation will connect you with your spiritual side, so finding inner peace will feel natural. By taking the time to meditate for just a few minutes a day, you can start to cultivate the inner peace you so deeply desire.

Step 2: Do good for others

According to the Dalai Lama, helping others can actually help you help yourself. When you act out of compassion, the negative feelings in your life are replaced by good — the good that comes from helping others and from always looking for more good to do. By erasing negative feelings, you can embrace yourself and be at peace with who you are.

Step 3: Practice positive thinking

Compassion is one way to getting rid of negativity, but it’s not the only way. By practicing positive thinking and positive-thinking exercises, you can make finding inner peace easier. For instance, try banning negative thoughts by constantly thinking of a good image whenever a negative one enters your mind.

Step 4: Find your purpose

To Peace Pilgrim, a spiritual teacher who walked across the country for peace, finding purpose is an essential part of finding inner peace. When you find your purpose, you find what drives you and what motivates you. By doing this, you do what you are meant to do, and you are able to form a sense of connection with the universe knowing that you are fitting in with some grander plan. This leads to fulfillment and happiness, according to Peace Pilgrim.

Tips and warnings

These four steps seem easy, but Peace Pilgrim notes that superficiality is an issue. You often have to rid yourself of superficial things you think you need or want in order to find inner peace. Don’t give up. It may take some time to find your inner peace, but if you keep practicing these steps above, you will eventually find it.

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