The Father’s Day Green Gift Guide

Eco-friendly gifts for every kind of dad

Is your dad a techno-geek, a nature buff or an eco-friendly urbanite? Does he like to stay connected to the latest gadgets? Or is he more in tune with nature and the outdoors? Did you inherit his passion for adventure, or simply his love of Sunday afternoon naps?

Maybe “Dad” isn’t even a relative, but is that caring friend who makes sure there’s oil in your car, who carried your couch up three flights of stairs to your new apartment, and back down those same stairs when you moved again.

Now’s your chance to show Dad just how much you appreciate him, and this gift guide is a great place to start.


The technology junkie

He’s a technology hound, and he can’t help it. Your dad likes the trendiest gadgets, but at what cost to the environment? Now he can have his technology “fix” without hurting a fly.

Solar-Powered Weather Station:

Solar-Powered Weather StationRarely do you find an eco-friendly, Solar-Powered Weather Station, let alone one created by industry innovator Oregon Scientific. A detachable solar panel charges the rechargeable batteries for a readout that’s moment-to-moment accurate. Dad will dig having the forecast, indoor and outdoor temperatures, and temperature and humidity for up to three locations at his fingertips.

Stress Eraser:

Stress Eraser

Dad will be amazed at this take-anywhere, stress-relieving gadget. Using proven biofeedback technology, the Stress Eraser will help him calm his breathing, increase his energy and improve his clarity. And its portable size and handy carrying case make it easy for Dad to de-stress at any time. (The kit also includes sleep and meditation CDs so he can really fall into a deep relaxation.)

I Wake Sunrise Clock:

I Wake Sunrise ClockIf your dad takes forever to turn from Grumpy Bear to Teddy Bear in the morning, the whole family will appreciate the I Wake Sunrise Clock that wakes him with natural light instead of a jarring alarm. The light brightens gradually over 30 minutes to gently remind his internal clock it’s time to start the day happy. Cooler yet: It’s got a motion-activated snooze button and MP3 jack.


The green urbanite

Daddy loves the city, but he also likes to be in tune with nature and the Earth. Give him the best of both worlds with these eco-gifts he can use right in his backyard.

Spinning Composter:

Spinning Composter

He does everything he can to eliminate waste and put scraps to good use. Why not give Dad this urban-savvy Spinning Composter? Made of 50 percent post-consumer recycled plastic, it creates odorless, fertile compost in just one month — keeping waste out of landfills and turning it into rich gardening food.

Wine Barrel Chairs:

Wine Barrel ChairsHelp dad entertain outside in style with these Wine Barrel Chairs made from 100 percent salvaged white oak wine barrels, discarded from California wineries. Not only will you spare dad’s guests from having to sit on those musty aluminum folding chairs stacked in the garage, but you’ll also spare some trees, since using reclaimed wood reduces deforestation.

Copper Fire Bowl:

Copper Fire Bowl

Dad can make a campfire in his backyard with this beautiful Copper Fire Bowl, made from recycled copper. The crackling, bright warmth of the fire will create a vibrant, pleasant atmosphere — even in the city. Dad, get ready to enjoy a toasty, bug-free, relaxing evening in the comfort of your own backyard.


The fit father

You think he’s Superman, and he wants to stay strong and healthy for his family. Give him the tools to help him do it!

Vibe-Fit Trainer:

Vibe-Fit TrainerHe’ll love that the Vibe-Fit Trainer was inspired by a technique used by Olympians. This machine emits high-frequency vibration impulses to contract muscles and enhance his workout. Tones and tightens skin, reduces back and joint pain, builds bone density, and burns excess fat.

Balance Ball®:

Balance Ball Chair SystemWhether he’s using the included workout DVD and fitness props or simply sitting at his desk, the Balance Ball will help him work his core, improve his posture and alleviate back pain. 

Extra Long Yoga Mat:

Extra Long Yoga MatHelp your yoga daddy out with our Extra Long Yoga Mat that’s made for him with an extra four inches in length. The padded cushioning also helps to better protect pop’s back and spine during more challenging poses.


The nap aficionado 

He works hard and plays hard. No wonder he needs a good sleep! Show him you appreciate all he does by making sure he gets the rest he needs.

Ultimate Hammock:

Ultimate Hammock

Give Dad a license to nap, otherwise known as the Ultimate Hammock. Although it’s made from recycled soda bottles, it feels as comfy as cotton. Before long he’ll be scaring wildlife with his deafening snores. With a 450-pound weight limit, the whole family might be able to snuggle in!

Zen Alarm Clock:

Zen Alarm Clock

Make sure Dad wakes up feeling more renewed and refreshed every day with this Digital Zen Alarm Clock. Whether he’s taking a quick snooze or he’s in a deep slumber, the gentle Tibetan bell-like chimes will peacefully wake him up — giving him a Zenful, fresh start. And he can use the tranquil countdown timer for yoga, meditation and any other of his favorite practices.


Still not sure what to get dear old dad? Give him a Gaiam Gift Certificate, and he can pick out his own present!

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