Eco-Wedding Trains and Bicycle Fun

Happy Bike to Work Week! Did you cycle to work today? If you didn't, don't worry you still have a couple days left. In fact, tomorrow, May 15, is Bike to Work Day, so if you can only bike to work one day this month, make it tomorrow. Lots of bike-related activities are happening across the U.S.. Check out the League of American Bicyclists event calendar to find out what's going on near you. One caveat: The calendar isn't comprehensive, so if you don't see your city listed, get in touch with your local transit agency or bike groups.

Thanks in large part to bicycle advocates, the face of urban cycling is changing. In New York City, the number of bicyclists has grown by 75 percent during the last seven years! According to the LA Times, "Soon an ambitious city plan will make it possible for riders to traverse Manhattan via dedicated bike lanes and circumnavigate the island along the waterfront. Sheltered bicycle parking and thousands of new public bike racks are already in place." Want something similar in your city? Join your local bike organization and ask for it! 

Trains are getting popular too and are even getting incorporated into wedding plans! A pair of newlyweds plus their wedding guests in Washington DC took the train from the wedding to the reception. Not only was the trip just as fast as fighting rush hour traffic in cars, the couple got lots of well wishes from random fellow subway riders. "Confused and bemused strap-hangers, including work-weary commuters and tourists, looked on with grins. Some yelled 'Congratulations!' as the newlyweds passed."

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