Eco-Tree Houses: The Ultimate Bird's Eye View

Ah, a treehouse. If you could design one of your own, what would it to be like?

Mine would have a super-comfortable daybed or hammock, because I think being under a canopy of leaves would be an idyllic spot for a nap. I'd also love to curl up with a novel, far, far away from the normal daily noises and distractions. It would also be a sweet place to meditate or -- if the floors seemed really secure -- possibly do a little yoga.

I'm not dreaming about how I'd fritter the hours away in a treehouse out of the blue. I just learned that treehouses -- which pretty much vanished from my thoughts around the time I hit puberty -- are now being reinvented into posh clubhouses for grown-ups. Thanks to more sophisticated building methods, treehouses are taking on all kinds of new shapes and styles.

According to the New York Times, treehouses -- often costing upwards of $100,000 -- are now being built and used for all kinds of events, from Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to wedding alters. All kinds of people are dreaming up deluxe new designs for their treehouses.

Some of them are incredible (and incredibly expensive). Consider the extreme and massive Alnwick treehouse, built in the United Kingdom for $6.5 million. It features a restaurant, meeting spaces, wheelchair accessibility, and suspension bridges. I came across it at the Treehouse Guide, a website that offers tips and plans for anyone who wants to build one or hire a treehouse architect of their own.

Since I'm not exactly able to hire an architectural team to create my dream treehouse, I was glad to discover that it's still possible to get a taste of the high life by spending a night or two at a "treesort" in the United States.

There's an Oregon treesort that offers a kitchenette and bathroom in lots of configurations. You decide if you prefer to stay in a treezebo or a treepee. Another treesort that's currently under construction in Virginia will offer all the amenities, including a microwave, coffee maker, sink with hot & cold water, a dining table, and a fireplace.

Frankly, I'd love to spend a weekend up in a treehouse, especially a five-star treehouse with HBO, a plush terrycloth bathrobe, and a mint on my pillow.

Even if it weren't quite that posh, I'm sure it'd be a thrilling place to hang out for a while. In fact, I think a treehouse visit just made my list of things I'd do in the very near future.

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