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Try as we might to go green, there’re always going to be a few setbacks here (I’m talking to you, leather-seated SUV people) and guilty pleasures there (cheeseburger anyone?). They’re called eco-sins, and everybody’s got ‘em. We asked you what yours were, and you ‘fessed up.

By a considerable 37 percent majority, it turns out your deepest, darkest eco-sins are looong, steamy showers. We can’t fault you for being hygienic; in fact, we prefer it, but perhaps a shower timer might help you ease your addiction to wasting water.

Your second worst enviro-vice—coming in at 15 percent—are goods shipped in from China, followed closely by your love of all things disposable. But fear not, intrepid do-gooder: both these transgressions can be remedied by investing in quality, reusable products, such as sturdy bamboo To-Go Ware or the roomy, rip-resistant Baggu tote bag. The next step is actually using these reusable products, so keep them with you—in your car, in your purse or backpack—and whip them out as needed.

Whatever your eco-sin is, rest assured we’re right there with you. Don’t beat yourself up too much—instead, give yourself a hug for even giving a darn, and take it from there.

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