Eco-Fashions 2.0: How to Share and Improve Your Threads

Already a pro at thrifting, swapping, and upcycling eco-fashions? Then check out these new stylish ideas, dreamed up by green thinkers who like to stay in fashion while treading lightly on the planet:

  • Denim Therapy. To-be-mamas don’t have to stow away their favorite pair of organic jeans. Send them to Denim Therapy, and for $60, the eco-DIY-ers there will sew in “expandable side inseams to move and grow with you.” Once you have the baby and snap back to your pre-pregnancy size, you can send those revamped jeans to Denim Therapy once again, and the company will reduce your jeans for the new (or old?) smaller you.
  • thredUP. Love the convenience of Netflix and Chegg? ThredUp offers something similar, except there’s an element of surprise involved. Sign up for the site and you can start swapping pre-loved fashions with fellow eco-fashionistas who share your size and sense of style. Since no one will be uploading pictures, what you get will hopefully be a welcome, stylish surprise.
  • A Box Life. Are you a BookCrossing fan who loves to share books and track the journey from reader to reader? A Box Life is like BookCrossing, except for, you know, boxes. Companies like Columbia Sportswear are giving customers the option of getting their purchases delivered in a reused box that they can track via A Box Life. This way, "boxers" can share the story of where the box has been and will be going.


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