Eco-Dorm Room Decorating

All across the country, parents are packing the car, teens are enjoying their last summer hurrahs, and universities are busy cleaning the dorms. It’s time to send your young adults back to college. They’ve got their own ideas about what’s stylish and (hopefully) a dedication to buying eco-friendly products whenever possible.

Share this list with them of nine ways to send them off with green gear that is as easy on the eye as it is on the environment, and hopefully they’ll be as sold on the products as you are.


Natural Rush Ottomans

These multitaskers are perfect for propping up your feet while you study, acting as a portable table, or using as an extra seat when an impromptu party erupts in your room.

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Floral-Pattern Reversible All-Weather Floor Mat

Made from recycled soda bottles by Thai artisans who receive a fair wage for their craft, this fashionable but durable rug will last throughout your college years and still be going strong when you’re ready for your first apartment. 4' x 6'.

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Organic Cotton Fireside Throw

It’s the little things that make a dorm room a home, like one of these sumptuously soft throw blankets made from 100% recycled cotton. It will look great draped over the end of your bed, and will make those late night study sessions just a little bit more comfortable.

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Smart Power Strip

You know you should turn off that power strip whenever you head to class. But you have so many things on your mind (class, parties, tests, parties, parties), how can you make yourself remember to flip the switch? Now you don’t have to remember. This strip lets you plug in a primary device, such as a TV or a computer, and then several secondary devices, such as a DVD player, printer or speakers. When you turn the primary device off, the strip automatically cuts power to all the secondary devices, saving up to 72% of the electricity your systems would use if they were left plugged in to a standard outlet strip.

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