Eat to Beat Stress

For me, it's chocolate covered peanut butter-filled pretzels [CCPBP]. There's really no other way to combat a truly stressful day. Each nugget covers all of my gustatory requirements by being at once salty, sweet, and crunchy. When I'm driven to consume a handful of these treats, I'm keenly aware of my actions. I know that I am emotionally eating and I know how good it feels while I'm doing it - at least until the sugar rush crashes and I'm more blue than when popped the first pretzel.

But there are other more mature, and significantly healthier, ways to eat your way through a stressful moment - if eat you must. The sense of calm and relief that you get from simple, highly processed carbohydrates can be obtained from healthier options that are just as satisfying (full disclosure: not quite as satisfying as 12 CCPBPs].

Prevention Magazine recommends the following stress-busting snacks, promising an equally fulfilling sense of peace and reclaimed tranquility upon consumption. It's worth a shot (hint: the sweet potato seems to have the most promise).

- Tomato soup

- Oatmeal

- Whole wheat toast with jam

- Multigrain waffle with light syrup

- Fresh fruit

- Sweet potato, or baked potato with light sour cream and chives

- Lightly sweetened whole grain cereals such as Multi-Grain Cheerios

[via Prevention Magazine]

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