Does Having a Partner Improve Dieting Results?

How to find support for your weight loss regimen

You might have tried to find a dieting partner in the past or wondered if having a partner will actually improve your dieting results. The task of dieting can be quite daunting, but according to psychologist Kenneth Schwarz, Ph.D., co-author of the blog "Maria’ s Last Diet," having a partner can greatly increase the success of your dieting results. Dr. Shwarz says that having a partner encourages you to eat a more healthy diet, as well as provides much-needed support.

Social support is key to lasting healthy diets

Chiropractor and exercise physiologist Adam Shafran, D.C, co-author of You Can’t Lose Weight Alone: The Partner Power Weight Loss Program, states that picking a healthy diet is only part of the plan. Support and discipline are key factors in any successful diet. While there are a select few who have the self-discipline to stick to a long-term diet, the vast majority of us need support from an outside source.

This is where dieting systems and groups (think Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig) come into play. Although each of us has different needs when it comes down to weight loss, the bottom line remains the same: We need something, or someone, to encourage us to stick with it. Dr. Shafran goes as far as to say that having a partner is often the key ingredient in lasting diet results.

Qualities of a good weight loss partner

When it comes to choosing a partner, think of the areas where you will need the greatest amount of help. If you need someone to drag you to the gym a few times a week, choose a partner who actually enjoys going to the gym. This might mean that your diet partner does not have the same attributes that your other friends possess. Remember, the goal is to lose weight, not to socialize.

Partnerships work both ways

Partnerships are mutually beneficial. You need to be there for your partner, just as she needs to be there for you. The obligation that is created by a partnership might be just the thing you need to stick to your diet and have fantastic results.

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