Discover What Makes You Happy

4 steps to pinpoint passion and find contentment

Some think happiness is a state of mind, having nothing to do with external people or events. Others say it’s finding meaning and purpose in our life that makes us happy. Whether it’s through thought or action that can make us feel fulfilled, it’s definitely worth exploring – especially if you’re presently unhappy. Here are some steps to take to turn that frown upside down

Examine your life

Take some time to think about your life and your scale of happines. If you're feeling low, you must first figure out why in order to move toward a more fulfilling life. It may be your job or maybe it’s your relationship. More than likely, there isn't just one factor causing your unhappiness or discontent, but pinpointing something big that is contributing to it will give you a starting point on the journey to finding what does make you happy.

Meditate or pray

David Chalmers, Ph.D., director of the Centre of Consciousness, suggests that meditating can help you clarify your emotions surrounding your unhappiness and get closer to the root cause. Prayer or meditation can help you become more open to discovering what makes you tick.

Plan a course of action

Clinical psychologist Douglas Ramm, Ph.D., author of The Formula for Happiness, recommends thinking about what actions you can take to bring about necessary changes to make you happy and planning a course of action. Some actions might include changing cities, learning a new skill or ending a relationship.

Move forward

Making the decision to be happy is the first step. And taking proactive steps might not result in happiness right away, but it will set you on a course to discovering what truly makes you happy.

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