Detox Yoga: Seane Corn on Why You Should Try an Emotional Cleanse

How Detox Yoga Helps You Deal with Unresolved Feelings

Seane Corn trusts yoga. After all, it was yoga that showed her who she really is.

Somehow she managed to get through 200 hours of teacher training and an entire advanced teacher training without getting in front of the room to actually teach. But for the final exam, everyone had to teach one pose.

“I prayed it wasn't Parsvakonasana (Extended Side Angle Pose), but of course it was,” Seane says. She was supposed to teach the pose to the other 11 students using a technique called mirroring, in which you face the class and tell the students to bend to the left while you bend to the right so you mirror their movements.

“It was my worst nightmare,” Seane continues. “It was as if someone had reached into my brain and taken out all the words. I started over, and it happened a second time. The third time I choked, my teacher asked if I was nervous. This time I said, ‘Can I do something different?’” What Seane did was walk into the middle of the room.

Getting unstuck.

“As soon as I was part of the experience, everything changed. I could feel the energy of the other students coming back to me. That's when I just knew I was going to be a teacher.”

No longer held back by fear, Seane continues to teach with confidence and compassion. Known for connecting spirit with the mind-body experience, she trusts the asanas to help students address the issues that keep us stuck, shut down or blocked.

“Every class has three realms: (1) physical-mental, (2) energetic-emotional and (3) psychic-symbolic,” Seane says. “All three elements have got to exist. Yoga needs to be motivational — that’s the physical aspect — as well as provide meditation and prayer.”

That’s where the idea for her upcoming DVD, Detox Flow® Yoga, came about. Seane is a big believer in detoxing to improve your health, both physically and emotionally. “It’s not about trying to have the perfect body type or losing weight. It’s about optimal health.

“My hope is this program helps people experience the richness of body, mind and spirit,” Seane says.

It’s not what you’re eating; it’s what’s eating you.

Detox Flow Yoga — the first of Gaiam’s Master Class yoga DVDs — focuses on addressing habits and beliefs that may be holding you back and replacing them with healthier choices. When you’re embodying stress, Seane says, you’re going to see the world through that filter. Yoga releases tension, and by relieving that tension you can change the way you perceive the world and meet problems with equanimity.

True wellness, she says, is a manifestation of dealing with difficult emotions. “Rage, grief, jealousy … if these vibrations are unresolved, they manifest as stress. As I say on the DVD, ‘It’s not what you’re eating, but what’s eating you.’”

Seane Corn's must-do list of detox yoga poses for a mini cleanse:


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