Create Your Own Upcycled Fashion Bag

Crafters and DIYers: Get started early on the holiday gifts you plan to make for your eco-fashion savvy friends! Find stylish instructions for turning trash into fashion, and avoid some of the fashion pitfalls that unfortunate upcyclers fall into.

  • Turn anything into a handbag: Refashioned Bags: Upcycle Anything into High Style Handbags by Faith and Justina Blakeney hits stores Nov. 3. Find out how practically any pre-loved material can be turned into a crafty and useful accessory. Whether you’ve got too many old ties, a broken umbrella, or a vinyl shower curtain you replaced with a more eco-friendly material, Refashioned Bags will have a project for you.
  • Turn tank tops into totes: Don’t want to invest in a whole book? Then check out this free, photo-illustrated tutorial at CraftyNest to find out how you can turn a tank you no longer want into a tote you do. Pick from the six-pocket or gathered bottom styles, or make your tote reversible and get double the tote variety. (via Outsapop Trashion)
  • Keep upcycled bags tasteful: Upcycling is eco-friendly, unless your resulting product is so hideous-looking that it never gets used. Regretsy, a site that makes fun of handmade duds at Etsy, picks out a Birch Bark Purse for ridicule: “I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the coordination to hold a log and a drink at the same time. How about we just put this in the fireplace and call it Christmas?”



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