Craving Chocolate? Have Some Magnesium

I'm the first one to support a genuine chocolate craving. There's nothing like giving in to the magnetic pull toward a bar of dark chocolate. There are days when the craving is so present, so real, that I won't allow reason or willpower to come between the cocoa and my mouth.

So, it is with great interest that I read through Naturopathy Work's craving translation chart. It's really quite fascinating. The chart breaks down the most popular cravings, explaining what nutrient(s) the body is actually pining for and presenting several healthy food options that have it.

What your food cravings really mean:

If you are craving chocolate, supposedly what you really want is magnesium. The healthy foods that offer it are raw nuts and seeds, legumes and fruits.

Who knew? And, when you reach for that morning cup of coffee, you may be missing phosphorus (found in chicken, beef, fish, eggs, etc.) or sulfur (egg yolks, red peppers, garlic) or perhaps iron (seaweed, poultry, black cherries).

Hungry for oily snacks? You need calcium, and you can find it in broccoli, kale and cheese.

Check the chart for your current craving. There's something for everyone — even if what you long for is burned food or lots of ice.

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Omg I have been carving chocolate fo a long time and I'm still I'm like omg I'm still carving chocolate and I need help

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Omg, like oh my God! I'm totally need chocolate so totally much that I'm LITERALLY totally fixated on it. Like, it's like so like compelling and like urgent that I like literally like NEED it. It's like so totally like ... Yea! Like for real.

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