A Chocolate a Day Keeps Heart Attacks Away

Break out those candy bars. Or no, wait. Break out small amounts of very dark, unsweetened chocolate.

According to a new study, chemicals in chocolate prevent the blood clots which can trigger heart attacks, much like baby aspirin. These findings support other reports about the soaring levels of antioxidants and flavonoids in dark chocolate that lower blood pressure and offer other health benefits.

Researchers stumbled on this yummy discovery by accident. They told a group of participants in a study to swear off certain foods, including chocolate. But more than 130 chocoholics just couldn't manage to kick their habit and stick to the rules.

Ultimately, their addictions led scientists to pinpoint why eating a little chocolate each day is a good idea. But don't get too excited. Health experts are quick to remind us that chocolate is high in sugar, fat, and calories — so eat it in moderation.

Excellent. Except for the fact that chocolate doesn't exactly lend itself to moderation.

We all know that moderation is key. But some of us also know (and certainly the chocoholics from the study) that chocolate can be difficult to resist. Personally, I have a trouble breaking off two or three little squares, then putting the rest of the bar away.

The fact is, I'm thrilled that chocolate is proving to be good for the heart and soul. But studies like these do make it harder for me to practice moderation, because it's such a perfect excuse to overindulge.

I guess I'll just have to remind myself to think of it like aspirin: A couple pieces of chocolate can work wonders. More than that really isn't such a good idea.

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