Celebrity Planet: Sienna Miller Wants to Cool The Earth

Sienna Miller is best known for her disastrous relationship with Jude Law, but the nanny scandal survivor is trying to change that.

In April's InStyle, Sienna — a Global Cool ambassador — shares her diary from a recent trip to India, where she went to spread the word about global warming. See-See talked about how India is a country seriously at risk because there are more droughts and cyclones, and sea levels are on the rise. (That's a big problem, especially because many live on the beach in huts.) And the Himalayan glaciers are melting at an "alarming rate," which could lead to a major water shortage and halt production of food. When she wasn't hiking along banks of the Mithi River, she was posing in an electric car or riding bikes in Mumbai, which she called "a little hairy" because of often dangerous driving there.

It's nice that the actress is trying to be recognized for something other than her boyfriends or what she's wearing, though she does strike a pose in a Global Cool tee... but it is for a good cause.

I'm inundated with junk mail — from the almost daily Victoria's Secret catalogs I get to the monthly letter I get from the Sanctuary of Abraham & Sarah Mausoleum, that has been trying to get their hands on my cold body for several years now. Now there's a way to help get your name off mailing lists and prevent unwanted crapola from clogging up your box — it's called GreenDimes.com. Star magazine reports that Matt Damon has given the company his celebrity stamp of approval, signing up for the $20 premium service with the company, which plants five trees for each registration and catalog-removal request.

Jennifer Aniston is also doing her part, so says Us magazine. They report that the former Friends star is big on saving water in her mansion. "I take a three minute shower," she recently revealed. "I even brush my teeth while I'm in the shower." She isn't building green homes in New Orleans like her ex Brad Pitt, but even the little things make a big difference, so applause to her.

When I think of rocker Tommy Lee, I think of scantily clad women and perhaps the most viewed celebrity sex tape of all time. But soon he'll be associated with the green movement. Pam Anderson's ex is teaming up with actor/rapper Ludacris to educate people about the environment in Planet Green's upcoming reality series Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee, which premieres in August. The guys will travel around the good ole USA, competing to complete green challenges — like recycling trash left in the Oakland A's stadium after a ball game.

"We're definitely going to make it fun," Tommy tells The New York Post, "otherwise you'll freak people out, including myself. This stuff can be scary to people who don't really know about it and are set in their ways... We're going to show people all the cool things they can do to change the way they operate and make [the world] a better place."

And I thought the only thing he really cared about were chicks! Go Tommy Lee.

Lastly, if you're like me, you're endlessly looking to kill some time surfing the net at work. (Could the clock tock any s-l-o-w-e-r?) Well, something that's help pass the time — and educate! — is VanityFair.com's new Green Beat blogs. Cindy Crawford is one of the bloggers and, in her debut column, talked about her "eco-awakening."

"I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no Al Gore," she reveals. "What I am, though, is a working mom who’s trying to adapt to our changing world by changing her lifestyle. Think of me as your eco-everywoman."

Her musings about water bottles, tap water and more can be found here.

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