Celebrity Planet: Sex & The City Gal Hearts Solar Power & More!

Did you hear that there's a Sex and the City movie? Just kidding. Even my 87-year-old grandmother knows that the well-dressed foursome are back for some big-screen action. But here's something you may not have heard: Kristen Davis, who plays prim and proper Charlotte, lives in an eco-friendly house. She paid a visit to David Letterman recently to talk Sex and... solar panels.

"I'm off the grid," she said during her interview. "I have a ladder that I climb up and I check my solar panels. They cover the whole roof, in LA, where there's a lot of sun. And when the sun is shining, you can go and look and your electrical meter and it's spinning backwards! It's very exciting — and I have batteries to store the power in." Hearing that may be even better than hearing about the fabulous fashions they get to wear in the movie.

Kim Cattrall

Meanwhile, Kristen's Kim Cattrall has a new style tip and it's called anything without fur! In the movie, Kim's character Samantha is seen wearing a white fur coat that gets splashed with red paint by animal activists. But the look off horror on Samantha's face reflected Kim's own evolved feelings about fur: She's totally against it. In fact, Kim sent the two minks used in the production to PETA, which will give the coats away to the homeless this fall. "We can't bring the animals back, but we can give back — to the needy — who have no other means of staying warm next winter," PETA's Lisa Lange tells Celebrity Planet. "These days, the homeless are the only ones with any excuse for wearing fur."

Stars love freebies — especially freebies for their fashionable wee ones — so the Hollywood Baby Shower in Manhattan earlier this month drew lots of celebrity mommies like Entourage's Constance Zimmer, Real Housewives of New York City's Jill Zarin and Saturday Night Live vet Molly Shannon.

Constance Zimmer of Entourage

Constance, who gets to rub elbows with huge greenie Adrian Grenier on their HBO series (which will return for a fifth season in September instead of June this year), picked up the new Bebe au Lait 100% organic linen nursing cover in Buttercup. She was at the shower with her husband and cutie-pie daughter Colette, who is 4 months old. Meanwhile, Molly picked up two of the same for her two best friends who have baby showers later this year, so if you know Molly's BFFs, keep it on the down low.

Speaking of babies, last week at the Cannes Film Festival, Jack Black announced to the world that his Kung Fu Panda costar Angelina Jolie is in fact having twins. While she probably didn't appreciate that, she probably does appreciate the work he's doing to save the environment. As guest editor of National Geographic Kids, he said in an interview that if he was elected President he'd "spend half of the federal budget on combating the climate crisis [and] would ensure that our entire country was as green as possible. There would be solar panels everywhere — the roof of every house and the hood of every car." Three cheers to Jack Black in '08!

Speaking of Angelina, she and Brad Pitt apparently have money to burn and are in the process of renting a $70 million villa named Chaâteau Miraval in the South of France that comes complete with 35 bedrooms, 2 swimming pools, 2 gyms, 20 fountains and a vineyard filled with organic grapes. From the Website:

Miraval's vineyards are partly in the district of Correns, famous for being the first village in France where all farm produce is biologically produced. Fanny Croisy, Miraval's Head of French Sales and Exports, notes that "It took 4 years to become certified organic. No chemicals can be used on the grapes as these can enter the plant and end up in the wine." Therefore, at Miraval no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are used, only naturally occurring compounds such as sulfates and copper sulphate.

So the grapes are organic (yay!), but imagine how much energy is wasted keeping 20 fountains going -- not to mention providing electricity to 35 bedrooms?! Though I predict that by 2010 she'll have enough kids to fill all of them.

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Solar panel running on painless wiring on cars is a really great idea. I'm also looking forward to seeing those in the future.

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