Celebrity Planet: Matt Modine Boosts Cycling, A-Rod's Green Carpet

It's my second week coming to you from my vacation digs on Martha's Vineyard — lucky me! — and since I have a lot more time to smell the roses, I’ve been very observant off the eco-movement on the island. Nearly every store I visit sells reusable bags, most restaurants serve up food with ingredients grown on the island, my favorite restaurant (and newsman Mike Wallace's, too) Lola's now delivers lunch to the beach via eco-friendly bikes and there’s even a store called ECO MV with every green product imaginable.

Earlier this week Matthew Modine, who founded the global initiative Bike Ride for a Day, encouraged New Yorkers to kick their cars (and cabs!) and ride a bike.

“The environmental situation is a great opportunity for us all to work together to find solutions,” Matthew has said. “Bicycle for a Day is just that – citizens of the world joining together globally and acting locally.”

It was a big week in baseball, with the annual All-Star Game taking place in New York City. Before the big game (in which the American League defeated the National League in 15 innings!), the biggest stars in baseball — including Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter (who's quietly dating Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly) paraded 18 blocks through Manhattan on what's being called the world's longest biodegradable red carpet. Too bad A-Rod's divorce papers – with allegations of infidelity (hey, Madonna!) — aren't biodegradable!

This week I visited singer Carly Simon's boutique, Midnight Farm, and it's loaded with organic products. They offer a large array of books with eco-friendly tips, as well as bags made from recycled products, soy candles, organic lotions and the cutest bars of soap that said "Save Water" and "Shower with a friend." What I really had my eye on was a pair of Anlo jeans, but I thought I'd be better off recycling one of the 20 pairs of jeans I already have instead of dropping $260 for this pair.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt welcomed their twins into the world — a boy, Knox, and girl, Vivienne. As I type, there's a bidding war over the first baby photos and the going rate is said to be $11 million. And unlike Jennifer Lopez collecting and keeping $4 million for photos of her kids, Brangelina is donating the entire amount to charity. Can't wait to see who the generous duo gives the small fortune to.

I'm a little tired of the play-by-play we've been getting on Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer's romance. They're in Milwaukee! They're in Indianapolis! They're in St. Louis! We get it: She's touring with him. We don't need daily updates — wait until there's actual news (like a baby bump!). Though Us magazine did report that Jen ate organic broccoli soup in Missouri, now that's a tidbit I care about. I wonder if John will start including that on his tour rider, which already demands soy milk and an organic fruit bowl at all his concert stops.

Somebody better hold Pamela Anderson back! New dad Matthew McConaughey has signed on to promote beef for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). So far he's recorded a radio spot, but there will be more to come… annoying vegetarians everywhere. Hey, I just find it amusing that a guy who's made a living being a beefcake is now the face of beef. Great casting!

Until next week…

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