Celebrity Planet: Matt McConaughey's Green Baby and More!

Matthew McConaughey may seem like a cool cat with his laid back lifestyle, appearance and lingo ("just keep livin," he loves to say), but impending fatherhood has apparently caused him some anxiety.

The actor is worrying big time over what the baby he's having with gal pal Camila Alves will come into contact with, Star reports. "He's preparing the cleanest, most eco-friendly baby nursery you can imagine," a friend of his tells the magazine. "Now that he's going to be a dad, Matt is paying more attention to what's around him. [So] he sent Camila shopping to buy organic baby furniture."

The mommy-to-be — who recently launched a line of handmade leather bags — grabbed his plastic and hit up Green For Baby in Thousand Oaks, Calif., where she purchased a $1,200 natural, untreated-wood maple crib as well organic baby clothes and blankets. (Sounds along the lines of Jessica Alba's recent purchases for her wee one.)

I wonder if there were any baby 'do rags that made it into Camila's shopping bag? I'm sure Matt would be thrilled. Or how about bongos made from sustainable wood? Paul McCartney was given a pretty cool "thank you gift" for promoting green cars during a recent concert tour — a $168,000 eco-friendly limousine. But the "cute Beatle," who lives in Britain, was horrified when he received his new wheels and found out that they had been delivered by jet from Japan.

"It defies sense," a source told the UK's Daily Mirror. " Paul was offered a Lexus as a gift and ordered the hybrid limo because it helps to reduce emissions. But he was horrified after learning it was delivered by plane. Paul has always campaigned for green issues and he can't understand why anyone would send an enormous car from Japan to Britain on a plane."

I'd say he should send it back immediately, but what would be the point? It would double the carbon footprint.

Ed Norton will star in the Incredible Hulk this summer

The incredible Ed Norton, who will star in The Incredible Hulk this summer, was on Capitol Hill this week testifying to the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming on sustainable and eco-friendly building.

Norton told the lawmakers that the government should start a $5 billion fund to construct better public housing that meets new environmental standards. He added that low-income communities suffer most from pollution and high energy prices — and would benefit most from a shift to green buildings.

Let's hope the bigwigs listen to Ed... or he may turn green and start throwing them around.

While Jennifer Aniston is running around the country with John Mayer — weird couple, right? — she has a plan in the works to build a green house in her home state of California.

"Jen wants to help the environment,"a friend of hers tells Star, "and she has the money." The former Friend star's dream home will have a solar-heating system and all organic materials.

Rumor has it, Jen got the idea from Julia Roberts, who has an eco-friendly house in Malibu with a pretty fabulous compost, as discussed a few weeks back.

Lastly, Madonna is going all Oprah on us. The singer is building a school in Malawi for underprivileged girls, her lawyer said this week.

"A task force of four prominent Malawians has already been formed to head the project which will be on the scale of what Oprah Winfrey has in South Africa," the lawyer said. "It is a multi-million dollar project."

Now I don't feel bad shelling out so much money to see Madge on her upcoming tour. (It's one of the most expensive concert tickets out there...ever!) At least I know money's going to a good place... not just to her Botox injections.

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