Celebrity Planet: Leo's Latest Pet Project? Voter Turnout

Leonardo DiCaprio may be best known for who he's dated (like Gisele Bundchen and Bar Refaeli) or his roles in movies (like Titanic or newly released Body of Lies, pictured), but his history of activism may be his true legacy.

Long before it was cool to go green, Leo was an environmentalist. And his passion for cleaning up the Earth continues to grow with his latest pet project — getting people to vote in this year's election to help ensure that the government puts better environmental policies in place.

"No matter who wins the presidential election — Barack Obama or John McCainthe new administration needs to make alternative energy sources a priority," Leo told People this week. "We need the government to be at the forefront of this. We need to invest in renewable technologies. As much as people are stressing drilling, we're 10 years away from seeing any of that. We have the technology here. It's readily available. Wind and solar power can make a big difference. That is my message. It's in our hands."

The actor, who drives a hybrid car and lives in a house that has solar panels, is also working on the Greensburg project, which aims to rebuild a small Kansas town that lost 95 percent of its structures in a tornado last May. He also continues to work with several outreach programs that promote clean, green things. "You work on these movies and you're creating fantasy all the time," Leo, who costars with Russell Crowe in Body of Lies, told the Associate Press. "When you come back to the real world, you realize the problems that are out there and if you can give any kind of help or insight on these issues ... it fulfills you, and it's a great feeling to know you are possibly contributing some small element to helping the world be a better place."

To date Paul McCartney, apparently you've gotta give up the beef. The former Beatle's new gal pal, Nancy Shevell, has gone vegetarian. Good show, seeing as Paul's first wife, the late Linda McCartney, started her own vegetarian food line, which the family still runs today.

Speaking of food, Elizabeth Hurley, who has an organic farm in the English countryside, is developing a line of organic products that are also low in fat. "I'm obsessed that women find alternatives that are low in fat," says the model and actress.

Lastly, three cheers to Bette Midler who helped open a new community garden in New York City's Harlem section. The 5,000-square-foot garden uses wind turbines and solar panels to power the LED energy-efficient lighting, a rainwater harvesting system to reuse water for plants, and composting bins to make better use of yard waste. That Bette sure has a green thumb!

See you next week!

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