Celebrity Planet: Katherine Heigl's Fishy Situation

Katherine Heigl showed off her bikini body on a recent trip to Mexico with hubby Josh Kelley — and more notably, she showed off her love of the environment.

The Grey's Anatomy star confronted a local fisherman, who had reeled in a yellow-finned tuna. A quick-thinking Katherine, who makes a pretty penny on her ABC series, offered the fisherman $100 to throw the tuna back into the water. He turned her down but she doubled her offer and the fisherman agreed.

Way to look out for the fish, Kat. Now how about those Seattle Grace interns? They're a mess.

In other fish news, model Amber Valletta talks about becoming a spokeswoman for Oceana, a not-for-profit organization that campaigns to protect and restore the world's oceans. Through her work, she says she's learned that seafood contamination isn't the only problem with our oceans. A whopping 75 percent of the world's fisheries are overfished. "It should be a given that we have waters that are not only clean but also protected," Amber said in the interview. "By making a few smart choices in terms of the fish we buy, each one of us can make a huge difference in the welfare of our oceans."

Also chatting? Do-gooder Matt Damon, who talked to CondéNast Traveler about his charitable initiatives, growing up in a commune, and how travel can defeat small-mindedness. "I think many of our problems as a country would be solved if people had thick passports," the star said, noting that only 21 percent of Americans have them. "There's just no substitute for actually going and seeing things."

Whoever writes checks for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie must have writers' cramp. Last week the duo's foundation donated $2 million dollars to establish an HIV/AIDS center in Ethiopia. This week, they gave $1 million to fund Human Rights Watch's work in Burma and Zimbabwe.

Lastly, next time you're in Akron, Ohio, you may want to check out The VegiTerranean, a new vegan restaurant owned by Pretender's lead singer and animal rights activist Chrissie Hynde. Needless to say, hamburgers aren't on the menu. "Did you know there can be up to 100 different animals in one burger?" Chrissie asked a Rolling Stone reporter while chatting about her food hotspot. "We have nothing to do with that. Did you know that a vegetarian driving a Hummer has less impact on the environment than a meat-eater on a bicycle? ... My pledge is that I will remain on this earth until the last McDonald's has been burned to the ground."

She's got her work cut out of her, but I you gotta love her ambition. Until next week ...

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