Celebrity Planet: Harrison Ford Waxes for the Earth & More

As far as celebrities go, Harrison Ford is the whole ball of wax... literally.

The gruff yet charming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull star channeled his inner Steve Carell from 40-Year-Old Virgin and sacrificed some of his body hair to help the environment.

Harrison, who's vice-chairman of Conservation International, was filmed having his chest waxed for a PSA discussing the negative impact of deforestation. Calista Flockhart's beau also talks to National Geographic about his love of all things green, including sharing a story about how at a young age he realized how humans were negatively impacting wildlife.

"When I was 12, we moved outside the city to former agricultural land where they built all these tract homes," the 65-year-old said. "There was an irrigation ditch, and next to it was this little oasis of nature where a fox lived. I would go out there often and sit by myself. The fox became used to me and would come close—ten, six feet [two meters] away. And I think there's something about that experience that tilted me toward nature in a different way than a visit to a national park or something would. I was struck by the fact that these houses we were living in, these streets we were driving down, had displaced something. That more than us belonged there."

He added that he owns two hybrid cars, though he prefers being airborne and flies himself everywhere. And while I would normally give him crap here for polluting our friendly skies, I'll cut him some slack because he's part of a rescue group that helicopters in and saves people who get stuck in the Tetons near his Jackson, Wyoming home. He even volunteers his own aircrafts for the rescues.

It seems like Harrison's life is truly and adventure on and off the screen.

In between changing her daughter Valentina's diapers and hitting the Cannes Film Festival, Salma Hayek toured Global Green USA's first completed green home in the devastated Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans.

"This house was built with so much love and it was the dream of a collective group of people who are trying to change things in the world," the Mexican actress said. "I think that what has happened here has been a wake up call and the courage and dignity from the people who have faced this tragedy has been something that will motivate all of us."

Henry and the Veggie Garden

Remember Father of the Bride? I loved that movie and it's one I'll always watch if it's running on cable. (I've probably seen it 40 times.) Well, the adorable bride Kimberly Williams-Paisley — the actress wife of country singer Brad Paisley — has a new pastime: writing children's books. Kimberly and her father, Gurney Williams III, co-authored Henry and the Hidden Veggie Garden in support of the Love Your Veggies Nationwide School Lunch Campaign, which awarded 51 elementary schools each with a $10,000 nutrition grant.

The book tells the story of a little boy who'd rather play video games than play outside and prefers pizza to peas and carrots. But after a visit to his aunt's farm, Henry discovers a new way of eating. The book is filled with nods to Kimberly's own life — the farm, which is reminiscent of her Tennessee home, to the main character Huck, named after her young son, William Huckleberry. If you want to buy it, all proceeds go to Books from the Heart, a charitable organization dedicated to helping kids living in poverty.

Lastly, movie vet Sigourney "I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost" Weaver doesn't want to vote for John McCain but might if his environmental policies are better than Barack Obama's. "I want New York to be greener," she told the New York Daily News earlier this week. "Why can't I have an energy-producing windmill on my apartment? I want to start a communal garden, with a cow and everything!"

I don't know too many areas in Manhattan — land of the apartments with pathetic square footage — with room for cows to roam, but I salute her effort... and will certainly purchase her veggies if she makes it happen.

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