Celebrity Planet: Gwyneth Paltrow, Shannon Elizabeth & More!

Loving the earth runs in the family for Gwyneth Paltrow and Blythe Danner. Blythe recently helped unveil natural gas garbage trucks in Manhattan; meanwhile, her daughter wrote an essay for the new book Healthy Child Healthy World.

Last week, Blythe helped unveil new energy-efficient natural gas garbage trucks in New York City's Union Square. While there, she talked about how her activist rubbed over on her famous offspring.

"Gwyneth was 3 years old when she [created a] homemade sign that said 'You are Polluting.' And we would ride around Los Angeles where we lived," Blythe told People.com. "I said, 'Gwynnie, when you see dirty, black spewing out of a bus or a truck, hold up a sign.' " Moments later, young Gwyneth rolled down her window at a stop light. "Before I could stop her, she was saying to this big guy in this huge truck, 'You're polluting!'"

In Healthy Child Healthy World, Gwyneth talks about how her children, Apple and Moses, have been eating organic since they arrived on our lovely planet.

"I [make] organic brown rice and keep in the fridge," she tells People magazine. "I'd puree it with organic vegetables that I'd steamed. It's easy to make organic oats for them in the morning with a little pure maple syrup, or yogurt with flax meal and fruit. As the kids get older: brown rice and black beans with soft tortillas and guacamole — they love dipping."

They love dipping so much, when Moses turned 2 earlier this month, Gwyn had the party at a Mexican restaurant in Manhattan. Of course grandma Blythe was there — as was supermodel Christy Turlington and her son, Finn.


While Tobey Maguire and his wife Jennifer Meyer may or may not be expecting their second wee one, they are talking nurseries. In a new interview, the cute couple — who have a daughter Ruby Sweetheart — said that when they painted the nursery with low-VOC in preparation for baby, they still had to move out of their home for two weeks because the paint smell was so strong. (For those who don't know, low-VOC paint emits less fumes than the regular stuff.) Luckily they could afford to stay somewhere else while their multi-million dollar home detoxed — her daddy runs Universal's movie studio.

Dancing with the Star's Shannon Elizabeth has been seen toting around a My Bag Cares tote, which is a reusable canvas bag that also gives back. For every one sold, a tree is planted by the Arbor Day Foundation. I bet Shannon keeps her Dancing shoes in there — man, she is something! And I thought she had reached her peak when she played the hot girl in American Pie.

Lastly, The Biggest Loser wrapped up it's fifth season with huge TV ratings. (For those who care, Ali Vincent was the big winner.) But I think the biggest news is that, according to Us Weekly, the show switched to Brita this year and saved 32,000 bottles of water.

Well, I'll drink (out of the tap) to that!

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