Celebrity Planet: Biggest Loser Host Alison Sweeney's Eco-Attitude

In addition to hosting The Biggest Loser and appearing in the soap opera Days of our Lives, Alison Sweeney is a wife and mother (with a second child on the way!), but that doesn't mean she's too busy to lead an eco-friendly life. Celebrity Planet caught up with the star at an auction benefiting Clothes Off Our Back and chatted with her about living green.

"People get caught up in saving the world," Ali, who drives a hybrid and owns GE Profile's ecofriendly washer/dryer SmartDispense, tells us. "But I think the little things are just asimportant. We're big on recycling at my house. My son Ben is three and understands the concept of recycling. We sing little recycling songs that he learned at his preschool. We turn the lights out when we leave a room. Then there's just taking off your shoes when you go in a room so you don't have to vacuum as much or use as many cleaning products. All those little things make a difference."

Ali, who is expecting a daughter in January, also uses cleaning products that aren't harmful to kids. "Instead of using cleaning agents, you can mix water with vinegar and clean with that. It saves money, helps the environment because you don't use plastic bottles and it helps your baby stay healthy."

However, her favorite invention ever though is Amazon's Kindle, an e-book reader that she takes everywhere. "I used to pack 10 books with me when I went on vacation, but now I have this [which houses my books, magazine and newspapers]. It's so easy to use on the go and it's eco-friendly. It doesn't get better than that."

Singer Feist agrees that when it comes to making green decisions, the key is to think small. "I'm constantly making choices but they're all so small," she told DoSomething.org. "I suppose they accumulate to be something. I’ve done lots of research to try to figure out how to tour more ecologically and for a while we did the carbon-credit thing, which then I just thought this isn’t my answer. So I mean we’re powering my next tour with this bullfrog. It’s this wind power in Canada that sort of off-sets the power that you’re soaking up by putting on a huge rock show! So it’s all like small things; but at least my mind is already wired that way."

Speaking of music...

These days you hear a lot about the Jonas Brothers, but the original band of brothers The Hansons are still rockin'...and walkin'. The trio are in the midst of their Walk Around the World Tour, where they're promoting their album The Walk in addition to shining a light on poverty in Africa. You see, their whole concept is asking fans to walk a mile with them — barefoot — before each show. The mile represents the daily walk of an African child.

Lastly, nobody makes me laugh as much as David Letterman. On his show recently, he talked global warming with Climate Change Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why we need a green revolution and how it can renew America author Thomas Friedman. But before his guest even came out to join him onstage, Dave went on an eco-rant, joking that "We're screwed" and "We're walking dead people" before urging people to come find alternative forms of energy. Hope you find it half as funny as I did.

Until next week.

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