Celebrity Planet: Adrian Grenier Spends Green to Go Green

I've cut back significantly on TV watching, but one show I won't miss is Entourage. The HBO series, about a Hollywood star and his posse, returns to the small screen on Sept. 7 with eco-star Adrian Grenier in the lead role. This week, he talked green living with Page Six magazine.

Adrian, who's endlessly trailed by paparazzi, uses the constant exposure to plug Kelly Green, an eco-friendly home-design store in L.A., or his show Planet Green's Alter Eco, in which he helps people adopt green habits. "I don't just show up, wiggle my tail and smile for a cause," he told the mag. "I like to participate." The actor went on to say that he persuaded his L.A. landlord to convert his home's pool from chlorine to the eco-kinder saline. On the east coast, he used recycled-denim insulation when renovating his Brooklyn brownstone. “Sure, this stuff is expensive, but I don't need to hoard money," he added.

His TV alter ego, Vincent Chase, has a little catching up to, but Adrian says he's okay with that. "I know that Entourage is often demeaning and crude and crass," he said of his crude-but-amusing show, "but there's also a lot of social commentary. For years, I tried to get producers to have Vinny sell his Hummer and buy a Prius. Then I realized this show is entertainment. Right now, our culture isn't necessarily green." But Adrian is, so three cheers to him for making a difference.

Environmentalist Woody Harrelson has been rubbing off on his buddy Owen Wilson. After spending a week at Woody's Maui home this summer, Owen fell for the place — and the green lifestyle. Woody's home is completely solar-powered and the community features organic farming, so now Owen wants in. "It's 100 percent green living," an insider told In Touch. "Owen likes it so much that he made an offer on a home there."

Pete Wentz is a busy fella — making music, designing a clothing line and expecting a baby with Ashlee Simpson, among things. But the Fall Out Boy and his bandmates made time to share eco-friendly tips for a DoSomething.org campaign to stop global warming. Check out their educational but fun video here.

Speaking of babies... People magazine devoted much of their Sept. 22 issue to celeb babies. Green baby boutique owner Soleil Moon Frye is featured in the mag, talking about the planet-saving goodies you can buy at her store, The Little Seed. And there's a whole section called Weecology with celeb-tested products that are gentle on the environment. Some highlights? Salma Hayek is a fan of TastyBaby frozen organic baby food for Valentina, Debra Messing swears by Little Twig organic bath products for Roman and Sheryl Crow doesn't leave home without Seventh Generation chlorine-free wipes for Wyatt. Happy shopping.

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