Celebrate Bike-to-Work Week!

This week is Bike to Work Week! In case you're just hearing about eco-commuting celebrations now, don't feel left out. Take a glass-half-full attitude and bike to work the rest of this week! And get inspired to green your commute all year long:

  • For bicycling inspiration, read profiles from the Yes! Bikes to Work series, which features the magazine’s staff and their bicycling habits. So far, the executive and senior editors have revealed their eco-commuting tricks; check back all of May for more inspiring green travel talk.
  • Stay on time by avoiding traffic via your two-wheeled ride, and by keeping an eye on a Recycled Bike Clock. Made by 1byLiz on Etsy, these $40 clocks are a combination of recycled bike chain rings and reclaimed textiles.
  • Bicycling fun doesn’t end with bike week: Get ready for the Urban Assault Ride! Sarah van Schagen at Grist says “this bike-based scavenger hunt will send you all over the city in a race to complete a series of obstacle courses.” The assaults begin in Seattle this weekend, then move to cities across the U.S. all summer and the beginning of fall.


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