Catch the Jet Stream of Grace

How to live a happy, fulfilled life by flying high above the turbulence
Enjoy this Spiritual Cinema Circle interview with Sonia Choquette and an excerpt from her new book, ‘Traveling at the Speed of Love.’

Sonia Choquette

If we wish to travel through life at the speed of love and not spiral out of control when unexpected crises happen, we must think ahead and prepare stores of grace for ourselves. The good news is that cultivating grace is not difficult. All it takes is a little foresight and effort on your part.

Be in awe of the beauty in life

The first way to cultivate grace is to consciously and constantly appreciate the life your Creator gave you. Be in awe of God’s beautiful world and aware of the blessing given to you to be part of it. View your world as awesome, because it is.

In the words of Albert Einstein, “He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe is as good as dead; his eyes are closed.”

Follow the high road of kindness

Another way to invite grace to accompany you along your journey through life is by being kind to all God’s creatures, human and otherwise. Being intentionally kind to others, even when it is challenging or they’re not kind to you, amplifies the grace in your life.

That is definitely a skill I’ve had to practice because I have a somewhat fiery temperament at times and have been known to flare up when provoked. But making the effort to be kind has calmed my excitable nature and awakened me on an even deeper level to just how sensitive all human beings are, even under their crusty shells. Kindness is a salve for the soul and heals many deep wounds. Being kind is a wonderful way to invite more grace into your life, and it works every time.

Give others a break

A third way to invite grace to journey with you through daily life is to be of service to others in everything you do.

“Wow! Now wait a minute! Slow down!” I can hear you screaming at the page. “How in the heck am I supposed to do that? Who’s got the time? Who’s got the freedom? And with all I have to do already, that sounds impossible. And besides, what if they don’t appreciate it?” Admittedly, it can be difficult to be of service in all we do because doing so requires us to treat others with reverence even when our ego minds remind us that some don’t deserve reverence. I had the “Whoa, too much” reaction myself when I saw this on the application form for grace. Yet if we would be open to seeing every situation as an opportunity to be of service, we could find a way to be of service, even if it’s just to give a guy a break.

Spread the light

Another very simple way to accumulate grace, and one that seems obvious but nevertheless is generally ignored, is to be genuinely respectful toward all people. Say “Please,” “Thank you” and “Excuse me.” Even throw in the occasional compliment, because we humans are sensitive and generally insecure beings, and appreciative words really elevate us all to higher altitudes and smoother waters in the journey in life. A heartfelt, “My, don’t you look beautiful today,” not only accumulates grace, but spreads it as well, reminding others to feel positive and loving toward themselves by pointing out their beauty and worth. 

Grace allows us to witness one another on a soul level as Divine players in the theater of life, and it pulls us out of the abyss of emotion, reaction and fear when our journey gets so intense we risk getting sucked in and destroyed.

Cultivate grace

Our dignified behaviors — our choices to be kind, tolerant and of service — and our approach to life with awe build up a large “stash” of grace to draw from at essential times. Grace is the equivalent of a psychic savings account: It is a resource we can intentionally cultivate, gather, strengthen and develop. The more grace we create, the greater our ability will be to rise above the small indignities of life, stay in the flow of love, and not get sucked under and destroyed by fear, negativity and disgrace.

When life does unfold gracefully, shout “Praise be to God!” count your blessings, and thank the heavens above for your good fortune. But when it doesn’t — from the slightest provocation of someone snatching your parking spot to devastating events such as losing your job, your marriage or a life — grace is the salve to heal all wounds and the Divine support to get you through it.

Grace acts like the jet stream on your journey through life. It takes you higher, farther, faster and more smoothly to the frequency of love and keeps you above the turbulence.

Grace is like accumulating frequent-flyer reward miles for the seasoned soul traveler. The more you practice accumulating grace, the more and more “free” upgrades you’ll receive. These aren’t actually free upgrades at all; they’re the earned benefits of choosing, practicing and cultivating an awe-inspired, tolerant, kind, service-oriented, polite, compassionate spirit toward all humanity.

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Traveling at the Speed of Love


Traveling at the Speed of Love by Sonia Choquette © 2010 Hay House, Inc.  All rights reserved, used by permission and with the good wishes of the publisher.

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You know, Sonia, you are absolutely right. Most of our surrounding world depends completely on our own view upon it and on our own reactions and actions. It is not easy sometimes, doing homework, being patient with children, your husband. But I have seen people struggle and once they found the inner harmony - everything surrounding got better in a snap. It all comes simply from within.

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I forgot to thank you for such wonderful spirutual tutorial. this article was exactly what I needed to read right now...feeling depressed and sad

David Martin
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Excellent article. I also read the book of Sonia, I enjoyed this book very much. She uses traveling by plane throughout her book to get her points across. It has many personal adventures of her in the book so readers can relate to problems encountered while traveling and living life. While my favorite book of hers is “Soul Purpose” this is a very enjoyable and easy reading book.


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I feel if you follow them and make them part of your life style you will start to quickly see others treat you the same way!

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That was an interesting read, and I really like the sentence: “Grace is like accumulating frequent flyer reward miles for the seasoned soul traveler” - That's so true and well written. I think we all need to be more respectful toward all people, regardless of religion or so called 'race'. People really needs to be more positive and nice to each other, and I wish you all the best :) Erik Cheers guys. Oh and by the way, I think its true to a certain degree that we should be in awe from the beauty in life, and we should not only respect each other but also nature and earth. We need to put an end to pollution and poisioning of our only planet, and we only have one home planet as of now so we have to protect it.

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