Capturing Perfect Looking Skin with Primer

That said, I feel I can offer at least ONE tip that may turn the tide for those women who hate the effects of bismuth oxychloride (an irritant which is present in many popular mineral products), and those dry-skinned women who hate looking like the desert floor an hour after grinding minerals into their visage.

It’s called PRIMER. To understand why primer is necessary, imagine painting a blank bedroom wall. If your wall is porous, it’s going to absorb more paint than other walls. Not only will it take more paint to get the even look you desire, but that paint is going to penetrate the very surface of the wall, clogging it and making your wall prone to breakouts. Imagine now that your bedroom wall is full of hairline cracks. The more paint you slather on it, the more apparent those cracks become. As the paint sets in, the cracks seem to widen and flake, making your wall look old and decrepit.

What do we do with the bedroom wall, then? We use a coat of PRIMER. Primer is exactly what is sounds like: It primes the surface of the area that we are preparing to paint. For porous skin, primer acts as a barrier, preventing makeup from clogging your pores. For dry/mature skin, a primer seals the cracks so the makeup will lie smoothly on the surface of the skin.

The question is, can you find a primer that is good for your skin? Why bother using mineral makeup for its natural benefits if you’re just going to use a disgusting, chemical-laden primer? It would be akin to using an eco-paint on your wall, but putting a fresh coat of gasoline on it first! So, if you’re a mineral user and ready to try primer, read the ingredients first. Don’t use parabens, petrochemicals, benzenes, phthalates or ureas on your skin. Ever. Period.

If you have trouble finding a clean primer, use aloe vera. You’ll find a million different uses for aloe vera, including hair gel, burn salve, and even internal cleansing. That’s right, people eat it. And you know my rule: if it can go in your belly, it can go on your face. You can find pure aloe vera gel (in various concentrates) in your natural food store. You can find it in the drug store, too — just make sure they haven’t added anything unsavory.

 Aloe vera makes a splendid primer; it’s a lightweight gel that dries down quickly. Apply it all over the face, give it 30 seconds to dry, then apply your mineral foundation. If you’d like an “Official Primer,” with added benefits, here are the cleanest I’ve found on the market Face Sculpt Serum Excalibur with DMAE & Blue Green Algae: water, aloe juice, DMAE (a really cool amino acid), vegetable glycerin, blue green algae extract, vitamin E, rosemary, carbomer, phenoxyethanol (a preservative — not my favorite, but better than most.

So, all you unhappy mineral-ites out there, before you chuck a week’s pay into the trash, buy a bottle of aloe vera for 99 cents, and give it a go!

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