Can You Lose Weight with Pilates? Expert Mari Winsor Weighs In

Get a lean, toned body with Pilates
Interview courtesy Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates

Think Pilates is too tame to help you lose weight? Pilates expert Mari Winsor begs to differ. She says you can increase the weight loss power of Pilates by stepping up the pace and adding resistance. Here's the skinny from the woman who created the best-selling home Pilates programs in America.

Q. Fact or fiction: You can’t lose weight with Pilates.

A. Fiction all the way! When you combine correctly executed Pilates performed with resistance, you’re going to lose weight. But it's very important to do the exercises correctly and quickly to lose weight.

My new Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates™ system makes that easy with a weighted tool called the Accelerator.™ Add in my Seamless Transitioning™ technique — which moves you through Pilates positions in a continuous flow at a quick pace — and you will undergo a complete body transformation. You’ll tone your muscles and lose inches all over your body.

Q. What makes this approach better for weight loss than standard Pilates programs?

A. All classical Pilates programs are based on the same philosophy. But the Accelerator apparatus adds resistance to give you better, faster results than just doing Pilates exercises on a mat. Some of the exercises are slightly tweaked, but all retain the integrity that makes classical mat Pilates so effective. Your body still has to do all the work to control the movements [unlike with a Pilates reformer machine]. This approach also helps you achieve a deeper understanding of your body.

With this method, even beginners will start seeing muscle tone and shrinking of the waistline and thighs very quickly. You’ll also ramp up your metabolism so that you’ll always be burning fat — even while you sleep. 

Q. How can beginners get the most out of Pilates?

A. It’s extremely important to focus on working deeply into the Powerhouse (which includes your abdominals, lower back, hips and buttocks) and feel it moving. The Accelerator features a weighted bar that helps you find your Powerhouse more easily and also work with more balance in your body.

The modifications we offer in the Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates programs make Pilates moves a little less challenging; follow them even if you think you can do the more advanced versions.

Interview courtesy Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates — the revolutionary new weight-loss program that gives you the Accelerator resistance cord tool with unique weighted bar — plus eight complete fat-burning Pilates workouts on four DVDs. Mari guides you every step of the way in how to use her innovative Seamless Transitioning technique so you burn maximum calories while keeping the integrity of every classical Pilates move. Go to the Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates website now to learn more or get started!

Amanda Altman is the associate editor of Pilates Style magazine.


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