Caffeinated Environmentalism: Eco-Coffee and Fair Trade

I won't be kicking my coffee habit anytime soon. After all, I see a positive coffee study for every negative one -- plus my coffee's organic and fair trade! So for the caffeine-addicted like me, here's the latest on eco-coffee drinking:

  • The greenest way to drink your coffee in the office. Slate’s Green Lantern explains how to eco your morning kick with a detailed description of why reusable mugs must be reused many times to make the reusing worthwhile. To that end, step 1 to greening your coffee is reusing an old mug.
  • The new green coffee-drinkers are Cappuccino Conservationists. "Like latte liberals but frothier and more environmentally aware" is how Plenty describes this group in its highly unscientific guide to green voters. Read on to find out more about -- and laugh over -- Bait-and-Bullet Bipartisans and Lunchpail Pragmatists.
  • The line between greening and greenwash in big companies doing fair trade. For the wonkier fair trade types, here's a statement from Rink Dickinson, one of the first U.S. fair trade activists, examining the corporatization of the fair trade movement. Does the fair trade movement benefit when a big corp goes .01% fair trade and puts the fair trade-certified sticker on those few products? Read what Rink has to say -- then weigh in on those opinions on the Equal Exchange's Small Farmers Big Change blog.

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