Body Fix-Ups that Work: Belly, Thigh and Butt Shapers

Top 5 techniques to tighten and tone

Bathing suit season is around the corner, and if you’re like most women, you’re dreading the idea of putting on a bikini (or any suit at all!). All you can think about are your bulges and rolls. The FIRM Instructor-Trainer Kirsten Palmer shares five techniques that will help fix your most problematic body parts. Find out how to: 1) lift, firm and shape your thighs and butt and 2) flatten, tighten and tone your belly. In other words, she explains how to make your body bathing suit friendly.

1) Body fix-up for thighs and butt

One of the major trouble zones for many women is what we at The FIRM lovingly call the “thutt”: the spot where your butt meets your thighs. While it may seem more productive to target that area with one or two isolated exercises that make you “feel the burn,” you’ll get far better results by working the whole leg at once.

Top techniques

1. Compound exercise: This type of exercise involves multiple muscle groups and joint actions. “It targets as many muscle groups as possible for best results,” says The FIRM Master Instructor Kelsie Daniels.

2. The leg press: This move is incredible at shaping the “thutt” area. You need a fitness step platform and two dumbbells, typically 10 or 12 pounds each. Rest the weights on your shoulders (steady them with your hands), and step up on the platform, keeping your weight in your heel (not your toes) and your knee directly above your ankle — don’t let the knee go in front of the toes. Do this move slowly and deliberately, and repeat 12 times on each leg.

2) Body fix-up to flatten, tighten and tone your belly

Many women come to us and say, “I am happy with my overall results, but there is still a little pudge around my waist that I want to get rid of.” The midsection is the hardest area of the body to shape up the way you want; any little lapses in your fitness routine will show up there.

Top techniques

1. Core training: Focusing on the entire core, rather than just the abdominal muscles, is the cutting edge of fitness for the waistline. Core training reflects the fact that the body works as a whole, and that exercises that use multiple muscle groups — including the inner layer of abs muscles and the smaller muscles used for balance and agility — are better at both reshaping the midsection and improving overall fitness.

2. Resistance: Contrary to popular belief, adding weights to your abdominal workout will not make your waist more bulky. Resistance does for your abs what it does to all of the other muscle groups of the body: makes them slimmer and trimmer.

3. And yes, the crunch: The tried-and-true exercise for shapely abs. It should be part of any good abs-toning regimen.

Fun workouts that target belly, butt and thighs

Core Solutions

Core SolutionsTone your abs with “moves that require the hard work needed for six-pack abs,” says Davis-McLain, “plus core strengthening moves for obliques, back and all the muscles around your torso, for a lean, sculpted waist all the way around.”

Tight Buns and Killer Legs

Tight Buns and Killer Legs: A complete hip and thigh shaping workout that uses compound exercises, balance training and plyometrics to target the whole leg with every set. 


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I am doing this workout regularly after half and hours Yoga/Meditation and this helps to stay fit.

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