Birthing a New Era

An excerpt from 'Birth and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution'

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We are affecting our own evolution by everything that we are doing, from the food we eat, the number of babies we have, the cars we drive to the weapons we build. We are facing the possibility of the collapse of our life-support system … or, what I believe, the emergence of something new, something better than we have ever known before.

This shift in our evolution began overtly in 1945 when the United States dropped the first atomic bombs on Japan. The signal went out to the world: We now have the power to destroy life on Earth. I was fifteen years old. I could see at that time that self-conscious humans with this degree of power in top-down competitive structures such as nation states, organized religion and global corporations could not handle this degree of power. We had suddenly gained capacities we used to attribute to our gods. We can blow up worlds, and we can build new worlds in space. We can travel with the speed of light by image; we can create new life forms or destroy our life; we can tap into immense energy or run out of energy.

I began to ask a great question: What is the meaning of our new powers in science and technology that are good and what are positive images of the future equal to our new powers?

I read through religion and philosophy as a young girl and found that no one knew. The powers were so new.

In 1952, I met Dwight Eisenhower, just after he became President. My father was an old colleague of the President. I was taken into the Oval Office. He greeted me kindly: "What can I do for you young Lady?" "Mr. President," I said, "I have a question: What do you think is the meaning of all our new power that is good?" He looked startled, shook his head and said, "I have no idea."

So it flashed in my mind,"Well, we better find out!"

This been my life quest and I believe just now we are discovering the proper response.

We do have a new story.

It is the Universe Story. When we place ourselves in this 13.7-billion-year-old-universe story, we discover the pattern and an evolutionary process of action we can do.

We see that our crises are comparable to past evolutionary shift points. The only difference is now, we are conscious that we are causing our own extinction. This is what I call "conscious evolution" — the greatest wake-up call we have ever had for the human species to grow up!

According to Teilhard de Chardin, the great philosopher, the "noosphere," the mind sphere or the thinking layer of Earth, with all our Internet and global intelligence, is about "to get its collective eyes." We are about to connect center with center and heart with heart. 

Empathy is rising. Spirituality is growing, healings are happening. The Internet is connecting us everywhere. A "Wheel of Co-Creation" is forming in every field and function — innovations in Health, Education, Energy, Conscious Business and Environmental awareness are accelerating and beginning to connect — a whole-system breakthrough out of the whole-system breakdown.

We need one more conscious effort to connect the positive to make the shift in time — to midwife our own birth toward the next stage of our evolution. We may be one fraction of an evolutionary second from either connecting what is creative and loving and innovative … or devolution and extinction. This situation is dangerous … yet natural.

What do we need to do right now?

I believe it is to rapidly connect what is working in every field and function, and communicate through all media as fast as we can our creativity, innovations and capacities to make it through together. We should be calling upon each other — everyone on Earth to know that they have a part in this "birth." Each of us is given an impulse of evolution within, a heart's desire to realize our greater potential. Wherever we are, whatever our situation, we are capable of "giving a gift to the shift" from one phase of evolution to the next.

Dec. 22, 2012, has been selected as the DAY ONE to consciously contribute to this process. It is our first Planetary Birth Day to celebrate the coming of the next era of evolution based on what works.

The Birth2012 campaign has been initiated as a convergence of what is working; we will celebrate human creativity and call for the greatest experience of mass coherence and compassion the world has ever known. We will connect with positive innovations, projects, people, artists and musicians every way we can to converge and emerge together as a newly born planetary species. I hope you will join us! To learn more, please visit

Barbara Marx Hubbard is author of the newly released book Birth 2012 and Beyond: Humanity’s Great Shift to the Age of Conscious Evolution (Shift Books, May 2012). A prolific author, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker and educator, she is cofounder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. In 1994 she was one of the first women ever nominated for the vice presidency of the United States. Since 2010 she has partnered with the Shift Network, one of the world’s leading e-learning companies, in the role of global ambassador for the conscious evolution movement, which she defines as "a shift from evolution by chance towards evolution by choice;" notably, she is coproducing with Shift Network a global multi-media event entitled "Birth 2012: Cocreating a Planetary Shift in Time" on Dec. 22, 2012, billed as "a historic, turning-point event for awakening the social, spiritual, scientific, and technological potential of humanity." Please visit





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