Best First Date Ideas

4 tips to make your first impression a good one

When you’re trying to come up with the best ideas for a first date, you might instinctively fall back to the default dinner and a movie date, but not so fast. Keep the dinner part, but lose the movie. When you’re on a first date, you want time to talk and get to know the person; you can’t do that sitting in silence at a movie. The best first date ideas are simple activities, and should emphasize conversation. You can get as creative as you want, but make sure you can talk to each other. Keep reading for some dating tips that will lead to a second date.

Figure out what to do

Great first date ideas vary depending on the couple’s personalities. You could do something slightly sporty, like mini golf, bowling or a game of billiards. The two of you can have fun, laugh and talk. The mood is light. There is no pressure. The best first date ideas should allow the two of you to get to know each other while having a good time.

Or, a great date idea is to do something touristy, like head to a museum or amusement park. If the two of you are active, the best first date ideas are outdoor activities like a hike or a game of Frisbee in the park. Some smart dating advice is to find a place out of the way for casual conversation. Try a coffee shop or bakery.

Maybe you don’t know the person’s likes, dislikes or activity level. It is a first date, after all. Remember, the best first date ideas are simple and involve conversation. That said, you can always go on a picnic. Find a nice, quiet place, like near a park or pond. Don’t forget a blanket. Bring food from your grocer’s deli, that way it’s already packaged and easy to transport. If it’s raining, a great idea is to move the picnic date indoors. Imagine a picnic on the living room floor – romantic!

Tips to de-stress before the date

After you choose the plans, the anticipation usually begins. But a first date doesn’t have to induce stress. In fact, you should look forward to it!

As your first date approaches, keep the following dating advice in mind: This first date isn’t your last hope at ending your “singlehood.” It isn’t your last chance to get married. It’s an opportunity to meet a new person and see if they complement you. Remember: You have nothing to prove and nothing to lose. It might not lead to everlasting love, but it might. The best first date advice is to not go in expecting too much. The first step is to get to know the person and figure out if a second date is in the cards.

Check with a friend

We all need some great advice now and then, especially when it comes to dating. If the date is approaching and you feel you need some dating advice, turn to a friend or family member (preferably one who’s in a healthy, stable relationship) for some dating tips. This person can offer advice on your first date outfit, your cologne or perfume — those last-minute details.

They should also give you the following dating tips, but in case they don’t, here’s some first date advice: Be yourself. If you keep dating, sooner or later the real you is going to have to come out. It’s better to make it sooner. Another dating tip: bring your cell phone and some money, so you have a way out if the date isn’t going so well.

Get going!

Now that you have some great ideas of where to go on your first date, your outfit picked and your mind calm and relaxed, get out there and have some fun! Remember, you’re just getting to know this person, not trying to decide if you’re going to marry him (or her). Stay calm, be yourself and have a great time!

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