Best Compost Bins

3 things to look for when buying a compost bin

If you want to start a compost pile but you’re not interested in maintaining an unattractive and potentially dangerous compost heap, then you’ll need to invest in a compost bin. However, the best compost bins aren’t the ones you see advertised during the first week of spring. The best compost bins are those that allow you to store your compost and forget about it, but also permit easy access when you do have to mix the pile.

The best compost bins are inexpensive

According to Ace Hardware, there’s a very simple and very cheap way to begin composting using a bin — making your own. The hardware store suggests that you can do it using shipping crates and chicken wire. You can also create compost by using garbage bins or garbage bags.

Purchasing compost bins is also an option, and this is the best step for those who don’t have the time or the ability to make their own bins, or who just want an easier to access, attractive composting system. But no matter where you buy your bin or the materials you use to make it, the best compost bins are inexpensive. After all, composting is a way to conserve. There is no need to buy bins that are high in price, as lower-cost substitutes tend to work just as well.

The best compost bins make your job easier

Consumer Reports notes the benefits of a compost bin that makes composting — turning the compost — easy with a three-tiered design that allows gardeners to remove one level at a time for easy access when composting. Ace Hardware suggests that similar bins with systems of three units can make it easier to compost, as one bin is for active compost, another is for depositing materials that have yet to be composted and another bin is empty for easy turning. Gaiam’s spinning composter is an example of a bin that makes your job easier, with its eight spinning rollers that increase decomposition. An indoor compost bin, or at least a place to collect your scraps, can also make this process easier.

The best compost bins should be a decent size

Consumer Reports also gives high marks to bins because of their size. Your composting bins should be big enough to handle a great deal of compost. If you’re going to be composting for your garden, you’ll probably have quite a bit of compost to make, not to mention the fact that you’ll have many kitchen scraps to handle and that it takes months and even years to create compost. For this reason, you should never buy or make a garden compost bin that is very small. It’s better to have more room than needed than to have too little.

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