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This fall I had the chance to write an article about three eco-preneurs. Rianna not only started her own holistic beauty line, Organic to Green, she also launched ReuseCycle, a program where she collects, sanitizes, and reuses glass bottles from local restaurants (she then packages her products in the bottles). Shallom of Urth Caffe is teaching farmers around the world about sustainable, shade-grown coffee beans. And Jeana from jclaypottery is making bowls in a community workspace full of artists who take extra care to conserve water and resources.

Small businesses owners who want to go green can find guidance in the new book Greening Your Small Business by Jennifer Kaplan. Going green, Kaplan says, means more than simply cutting back on energy use. “[It] involves adopting a set of guiding principles related to sustainability and implementing practices that support those principles throughout your business.”

The book starts off with 50 suggestions detailing how a small business can go green. For example, did you know using Ariel Narrow font will reduce your printed page area by about 15 percent? Or that you can request a free home office energy audit?

Kaplan walks readers through issues such as writing a green mission statement, explaining green certifications and eco-labeling, and dealing with day-to-day details (like purchasing, supplies, and marketing) in an eco-friendly manner.

The book, printed on 100 percent recycled paper, is genuinely dedicated to advancing green strategies instead of engaging in “greenwashing” (defined as efforts by companies to portray themselves as environmentally friendly while actually overstating or misrepresenting their doings).

Greening Your Small Business by Jennifer Kaplan (Penguin, $19.95)

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Thanks for the great review of the book! There is so much a small business can do to be green that is easy and free (many will actually save you money!). Thanks for helping spread the word.


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