The Beauty of Beauty

What is beauty? A sunset? A Mozart concerto? Brad Pitt? Sea glass? A broken bottle? Cigarette butts along a roadside?

Piero Ferrucci explores the concept of beauty in his new book Beauty and the Soul by encouraging readers to step away from the “packaged” beauty our world feeds us and, instead, listen to our inner voice to find our personal taste. His book explores beauty from all angles: how to discover more of it in your life (keep a diary and jot down those spontaneous moments when you perceive beauty in your surroundings), the various forms of beauty (not just the sight of a eagle soaring, but the smell of a flower, the taste of an orange), and how beauty has been linked to healing (21% of hospital patients had a shorter recovery in a room built to maximize light, space, and colors).

On and off throughout the pages, the book weaves in the theme that beauty can bring about kindness, goodness, and a curiosity of life. Personally, when I experience beauty (whether the inner beauty of a person’s soul or outer beauty of something more tangible), I start thinking of life’s BIG questions: Where did the earth and stars come from? Why are we here? How should we treat one another? What’s the purpose of life? There are a lot of world views out there—some believe our existence is random, some think we’re continually reincarnated, others (myself included) think we’re created by the hand of God and made to know him.

Maybe I’m taking the author’s connection between beauty and spirituality too far, but that’s the beauty of beauty—it carries us on unexpected journeys. And that's where my brain goes—my smooshy, brown-gray lump in my head that looks like a pile of macaroni. I love the brain. What a beautiful organ.

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