Be Here Now, Feel Good Later

Got heart disease, fibromyalgia, eczema or irritable bowel syndrome? Mindfulness could be the next thing your doctor orders. Mindfulness techniques are based around a be-present philosophy that, when practiced regularly, can beat stress and prevent illness.

The Chinese characters for mindfulness are “now and “mind” or “heart.” Mindfulness requires bringing attention to the present moment, respect for that which you are doing right now, whether it's brushing your teeth or crossing the street.

Mindfulness can be cultivated through many techniques, most of which require minimal energy but maximum dedication.


A regular meditation practice — just 10 minutes a day — can help calm the spirit and clear the mind.


Striving for a life free from judgment — of yourself, of others and of each moment — can lead to a more peaceful, accepting and healthier existence.

Body awareness:

Cultivating a keen sense of the sensations that fluctuate throughout your body can lead you toward a deeper understanding of its needs and habits. Body awareness is also an instant portal back into the present moment — zooming in on that itch on your arm pulls you back from the past or the future into the right now.

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