Attack The Fat! Spot-Reducing Is A Myth

We know that spot reduction is a complete myth and that ab machines will not give us a six-pack … or do we?

Total body workouts

The most important thing you can do in your weight loss and fitness journey is to change your body composition: the ratio of fat to muscle. You want more muscle than fat on your body because this will help you burn more calories (even at rest).

To increase your lean muscle mass, you'll need to do total body workouts, not just spot reduction. Focus on cardio and sculpting. You will notice your energy and strength increasing exponentially — and your clothes will start fitting better.

Spot reduction

There is no such thing as spot reduction. I promise I'm not lying to you. Just working the body parts you want to fix won't give you the results you want. You won’t be able to see your rock-hard abs with a layer of fat covering them.

Total body workouts are your ticket to the results you’re after. Your genetics will determine which parts shape up first and last. Don’t be discouraged; the parts we want to fix the most are the ones that normally shape up last. Stick with your cardio and sculpting and you will see the fat melt away, eventually even in the places you want to see it most.

Target-area sculpting workouts

There's a time when targeting a certain part of the body is a good thing. Say you want to increase strength or definition in your upper body. Adding in an upper body workout will help — but doing just this workout won't give you the shoulders, biceps and “no jiggle" triceps you want. Combine this workout with your total body cardio and sculpting workouts, though, and you can guarantee results in your upper body.

Training this way is also effective for those of you who have seen the results, reached your goals, and are anxious for gains in strength or definition in a certain area.

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