Aloe Vera: Healing Inside and Out

I immediately associate aloe vera with sunburn. As a redhead prone to excessive bouts of sun damage, I have turned to the plant countless times to soothe my scorched skin. But aloe vera is so much more than a sunburn salve. Research has found that the plant is quite a multitasker, providing topical relief to numerous skin conditions and also healing from the inside out.

The mighty aloe vera plant can:

  • Speed healing and tensile strength of damaged skin
  • Fight infections like fungus and staph with its antibacterial properties
  • Tighten and balance skin with its astringent pH properties
  • Deeply moisturize by delivering emollients into seven layers of the skin
  • Minimize scarring (sometimes even eliminating it all together)

Aloe is 99 percent water, but it's also a nutrient powerhouse with more than 200 active elements that facilitate healing. The plant works its magic by increasing fibroblast production, which stimulates new collagen, which in turn speeds healing.

Aloe can also be ingested. A shot of aloe vera juice will deliver protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, C, E, and B-complex, essential fatty acids as well as a unique pH balance that helps digestion. Drinking aloe vera before meals will facilitate the body's absorption of nutrients.

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