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A look at the library of yoga DVDs, plus 3 tips for selecting the right one for you

As each new year rolls around, goals to eliminate flabby midsections, saddlebags and droopy triceps are set. However, the cost of a monthly gym or studio membership may not seem very appealing to those who have made budget cuts in the past year. A yoga DVD is an excellent option for those who value saving a buck and saving time.

Get a great workout in 30 minutes

That’s right: 30 minutes. No travel time, no standing in line, no waiting for the last class to finish; yoga DVDs save time, of which most people could use a little more.

A video focused on a total body workout is one of the best options available for those looking to start a great fitness regimen at home. Gaiam’s Quick Start Yoga for Weight Loss increases strength and toning while building self-confidence through focusing on the whole body. Combining DVDs is another great way to go. Purchase a yoga DVD that focuses on the lower body, one that focuses on the core and one that targets the upper body. For a great set of yoga DVDs on a dime, consider buying the collection of Rodney Yee's five best DVDs for a discounted rate.

Yoga DVDs for mommy-to-be

Yoga classes at the local gym can be a bit overwhelming for a pregnant woman. After all, the smell of other people’s sweat may induce nausea, and the walk from the aerobics room to the bathroom can seem a mile away when there’s a little one pressing your insides.

Prenatal yoga helps to strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles, which will aid in the birthing process. Yoga in general improves circulation, aids in digestion and helps to exercise the spine and its surrounding core muscles. These benefits can help relieve some of the unavoidable pregnancy side effects, such as nausea, swelling, constipation and back pain. A prenatal Yoga DVD will help you take time out to focus on breathing, being still and taking care of yourself, which in turn profits the health of your little one.

Lose weight

Perhaps you have tried the perilous treadmills, StairMasters and elliptical machines and still can’t seem to lose inches or pounds. Maybe body builders, dumbbells and benches intimidate you into quitting. Perhaps you feel ashamed or embarrassed of your body in your gym clothes – especially next to half naked “gym rats” – and would just rather be at home, where you can workout in peace.

If this sounds like you, a yoga DVD for weight loss may be exactly what you need. Focusing on breathing, lengthening, strength and flexibility in the privacy of your own home can set your fitness routine and weight loss goals in motion. The convenience of working at your own pace, on your own schedule can encourage momentum and set you up for a win.

Is your back jacked?

Sitting at a computer desk all day, commuting back and forth to work and too much time on the couch all contribute to an unhealthy back. With the regular practice of yoga postures proven to generate a healthy spine, many times back pain is not only alleviated, but completely healed.

Yoga places emphasis on spinal alignment and develops body awareness through proper breathing. This is crucial for recovering from back pain or injury. Basic yoga should be pursued when dealing with this problem, as advanced yoga may aggravate the issue. Try Yoga for Back Care DVD with Rodney Yee to get you started.

Selecting the right yoga DVD

With an almost bewildering range of yoga DVDs on today’s market, catering for every taste and skill level, choosing the right DVD for your needs can be a difficult task. Here are some helpful tips for finding your perfect yoga video.

Step 1: Match your skill level

Approaching challenging yoga poses too quickly can be discouraging for beginners. To really make the most of your time and maximize your wellness, pick a yoga DVD tailored to your individual skills and experience. Rodney Yee’s Yoga for Beginners is a great place to start. As you progress, you’ll want to try more difficult positions and fuller workouts. Experienced yogis should try Rodney Yee’s Advanced Yoga, an excellent way to approach the most difficult poses.

Step 2: Target your body’s needs

Since yoga offers so many varied benefits, the best approach is to target your specific needs. If you'd like to firm up and body-sculpt, opt for The FIRM Power Yoga DVD. For those who want to tone their abs, a host of abs-specific DVDs are available for all skill levels.

Step 3: Schedule your workout

With a hectic, nonstop lifestyle, it can be hard to make time for yourself. Be realistic about your health goals and time commitments, and pick a yoga DVD that will match your busy schedule. If you can only spare an hour a week, try Seane Corn’s 60-minute workouts on her popular Vinyasa Yoga DVD. If you prefer shorter, more regular workouts, take 20 minutes before work each day for Rodney Yee’s A.M. Yoga for Your Week.

Step 4: Remove all xcuses

Commiting to an exercise program can be challenging enough and perhaps waiting for DVDs to be mailed and owning a physical library is the last thing you want. This is one reason GaiamTV.com exists. Now you can stream unlimited yoga videos from Gaiam anytime, anywhere - all online.

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