Best Pilates Workout Videos

Learn how Pilates videos can give you a great at-home workout

Stop admiring the long, lean muscles of those dancers on “So You Think You can Dance” and create some of your own with the help of a few Pilates videos.

About Pilates

Joseph Pilates, through intensive study of various sports, yoga and the movement of animals, developed what we now know as Pilates. He concluded that the best way to train and rehabilitate the body was to strengthen the core by focusing on the body’s center postural muscles. He surmised that you can support your spine by focusing on specific exercises and breathing to realign the spine while bringing balance to the body. Building a strong core, experts agree, increases long-term flexibility and health, and also helps with important everyday tasks, such as getting out of bed every morning, picking up your toddlers and even carrying your grocery bags to the car.

Do Pilates at home with Pilates videos

The most convenient way to do Pilates at home is by streaming online videos. Pilates DVDs are also a wonderful addition to your family fitness collection. Most importantly, working out at home can help you squeeze in a daily Pilates workout of varying length, depending on your schedule that day. For example, Ana Caban’s Pilates Core Challenge, available on DVD or online video, is 40 minutes of strength-training, but can also be broken up into three 18-minute segments. Using DVDs at home can help you cater your workouts to your schedule, rather than being locked into a set time at a studio.

Pilates DVDs come with cool toys

When it comes to fitness, men and women alike usually enjoy working out with exercise balls, yoga mats, kettle bells, sculpting balls, ring kits and resistance bands. Using these “toys” can relieve boredom and make exercising more like playing.

Mari Winsor, considered Hollywood’s Pilates instructor, for example, offers a great workout video, Shape: The Mari Winsor Pilates for Pink Workout that comes with a free pink resistance band. Additionally, for every DVD purchased, $1 is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So buying this DVD can help you not only look good, but you'll feel good about yourself as well.

Don’t miss out on Yogalates and other fitness trends

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for workout classes or videos to combine yoga and Pilates, aka Yogalates, for a fitness routine designed to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. But, if your gym or studio doesn’t offer such a class, you can pick up a DVD to make sure that you don’t miss out on this or other fitness trends.

The New Method®, for example, combines yoga, Pilates, and ballet, which helps maximize fat loss.

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