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Learn how to change your life for the better by identifying what you need and pursuing it

Most of us have at least one thing in our lives we would like to change. Personal transformation is a change in the way you feel about yourself and subsequently the world. Personal transformation is sometimes called personal development, personal growth or spiritual transformation. Personal transformation can happen in many ways. Learn about the different methods of personal transformation and how you can change your own life for the better.

Identify your development needs

Before you can make any personal transformations, you have to identify what aspects of your life you want or need to change.

According to the University of Warwick Learning and Development Centre, there are three stages to identifying your development needs:

  • First, assess what skills, knowledge and behaviors you want or need to better your life or career.
  • Then, assess what skills, knowledge and behaviors you currently possess.
  • Finally, compare the two and identify the gaps — these are your personal development needs.

Once you’ve identified your needs, you can choose the personal transformation method that’s right for your situation.

Types of personal transformations

There are several different types of personal transformations. The transformations can be professional, spiritual, physical, emotional or mental. These different types of personal transformations generally include goals, plans and actions to achieve the transformation.

Examples of personal transformation goals

  • Increasing your self-awareness
  • Enhancing your self-knowledge
  • Shaping your identity
  • Developing your strong points and talents
  • Identifying your potential
  • Enhancing your career skills so that you are a better employee or more hire-able
  • Bettering your quality of life
  • Achieving your dreams or goals

How to achieve personal transformation

There are several different ways to go about achieving your personal transformations.

For emotional, mental and professional transformation, you can use self-help books, meditation, a teacher, mentor or counselor or use professional transformation services like educational training, mentoring or coaching. Listening to motivational speakers, attending online learning programs or workshops and getting life coaching are other personal transformation methods.

For physical personal transformations, people often focus on fitness, beauty enhancement including cosmetic surgery and weight loss.

Spiritual transformation

Another type of personal transformation is spiritual transformation. Spiritual transformation can occur in any faith.

According to licensed psychologist Kenneth Pargament, Ph.D., spiritual transformation refers to a fundamental change in a person’s meaning system — specifically how people define themselves, how they interpret life and what they hold sacred.

For example, according to the Biblical Studies Foundation at Bible.org, spiritual transformation in the Christian faith occurs when God transforms a person’s thoughts, behaviors and human relationships in accordance with biblical standards. The result is a life of service to others and to Christ.

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