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Crystals are significant in ancient and modern cultures alike, with mentions of gemstones in popular religious texts such as the Bible and the Koran and documented use in other ancient practices including ayurveda and Chinese medicine, as cited in influential books about crystals such as The Crystal Bible. Crystals have been revered for ages — as long as they have been part of this planet — for their symmetry; geometry; brilliance; color; and, many would say, healing properties, according to the book Love Is in the Earth. Crystal healers and others who work with crystals can feel the energetic power of these earthly elements.

Crystal formation and history

According to National Geographic, a crystal is a mineral that is formed when magma, or molten rock, cools. The mineral forms a specific molecular structure under varying heat, pressure and rate of cooling. The transformed mineral, with a geometric shape and flat edges, can be classified as a crystal and may be cut into a gemstone, or mined for other uses such as jewelry, amulets, in technology, medicine or other healing purposes. Historically, crystals have been used for healing, jewelry, in religious rites and ceremonies and even cosmetically: In ancient Egypt, crystal powder was used as eye shadow.

About crystal science

Science proves crystals have different vibrational qualities. Crystals can be classified according to their attributes and molecular structure, as well as metaphysical properties. Studying the vibrational properties of crystals allows scientists to learn about crystal technological capacity. A Yale report titled "Crystals: More Than Meets The Eye," shows that crystals are very much a part of our modern technology, used in advancements such as solar cells, silicon, LCD (liquid crystal display) screens, computers, watches, lasers and space shuttles, proving they have enormous energetic potentials. Crystal technology is still being researched. For example, Scientific Computing recently reported that crystals have the potential for massive computer memory storage.

Crystal healing

Crystal healers believe in the healing properties and different vibrational energies of crystals. According to the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO), crystal healing may be used to help with disease, emotional imbalance, mental clarity or to help achieve a goal.

While learning about crystal healing, you may encounter different healing capacities from different gemstones. For example, turquoise is a sacred stone to Native Americans revered for protection and harmony with the natural world. Amethyst is often associated with spirituality, dreams, psychic abilities and calming the mind. Rose quartz is connected with love and heart energy, and aquamarine is associated with the soothing energy of the sea.

Crystals in therapy

Using knowledge about crystal healing and metaphysical properties of gemstones, crystal therapy will balance the physical body and energy systems of an individual. A crystal therapy session may involve placing various crystals on the area of the body you'd like the crystal to affect and relaxing into a receptive, meditative state that encourages healing and balance.

You may use crystals according to their color and physical properties, particularly as they relate to the different chakras — or energy centers — of the body. For healing or disease in the body, you may put a crystal under your pillow or carry it with you in a small satchel. Many crystal healers recommend cleansing the crystals with water and sun or moonlight prior to use and after a therapy session, and setting a mental intention as you use the crystal.

Choosing crystals

Although there is little evidence to demonstrate exactly what it is about crystals that heals us, people frequently report enhanced energy and clarity with crystal therapy. To practice self-healing with crystals, find a crystal that suits your goals. The Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine recommends selecting crystals or gemstones simply by picking them up and seeing how it resonates or harmonizes with your personal frequency. In other words, choose a crystal that "feels right" to you. You may choose a crystal that is symbolic to you or that may heal you therapeutically.

If your intention is to feel more grounded, for example, choose a dark or heavy crystal that reminds you of the Earth. Hold it in your hand to feel its weight and connection to the Earth. If this crystal accomplishes the purpose of energizing your connection to the Earth, you've found a crystal worth keeping.

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