9 Great Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Father's Day

What to get dad for his special day

Father's Day can be a fun way to celebrate everything you love about the special men in your life. Whether your father (or husband) is an eco-adventurer or a digital dabbler, there are great gift to show your gratitude for all your dad does for you. So ditch the tie and consider one of these innovative, eco-friendly Father's Day gifts instead!

Outdoor lover


Lighten up the garbage load with a compost container for indoors or outdoors. This is an especially practical Father's Day gift idea if your father spends time gardening or landscaping, as the rich compost that remains after churning your organic materials will make any garden thrive.

Solar cooker

Wouldn't it be thrilling for your father to try some new, camp-friendly recipes with a solar cooker? He can practice in his own backyard for an impromptu picnic with this nifty piece of camping equipment that acts like an oven when placed in the sun. The compact size allows him to travel with it anywhere.


Just the idea of adding a hammock to your deck or backyard is relaxing. Bring an element of paradise to your dad this Father's Day by getting him a hammock where he (and you) may daydream in sunny surroundings. This is a good stress-relieving Father's Day idea with little assembly required, and many peaceful moments ahead.

The entertainer

Organic wine or beer

If your dad is the type who loves to host friends and family often, giving him a special bottle of organic or biodynamic wine, or a specially brewed six-pack of organic beer may open his horizons to new earth-friendly products. And, more likely than not, he'll probably share a drink with you!

Fair trade or indigenous drum

Add a little bit of rhythm to his next party (or at least hours of entertainment) with a unique gift from a faraway land. Fair trade drums help support local native cultures and will put him in touch with the primitive roots of making music.

The homebody

Germ-free warm and cool mist humidifier

Help dad combat allergies with a humidifer equipped with nano-silver antimicrobial technology. He’ll love that it can run continuously for up to 72 hours.

Fire bowl

What is it with guys and fire? Let dad tap into his inner caveman in his own backyard with this fire bowl made from recycled copper.

Green guy

Eco-friendly showerhead

Why not enhance every morning of your father's day with a new showerhead. Choose from showerheads that reduce water flow (and conserve water and energy), or purchase a water-filtering showerhead, allowing your dad to bathe in purer water.

Rainwater catcher

Rainwater catchment systems catch and store natural rainfall until dad chooses to use it for gardening or washing the car. This is a great Father's Day gift idea for the dad who wants to be ahead of the curve and is concerned with environmental issues.

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